Hey, thanks for your response! i really appreciate it. Did you have to re do the numerical/logical test?


went to a unilever BTM test day a couple months ago…was a few of us there together, all testing for BTM.

hardest part by far is the case study, i had read on here that you get given loads of information to deal with but i still wasn’t ready for what we were given. booklets full of information, with detailed and complicated tables to analyse and draw conclusions from. we were the decision makers for a company that specialises in healthy products, and the government were about to bring in regulation about having more healthy products for sale or something. we had to look at loadsa information about how well our different factories are performing, and choose a product to expand and give reasons why. that was 45 mins to prepare for, the next one was also 45 mins (you have to prepare for them both in a solid 90 minute window) and was BTM focussed - the same company but you’re now working in the tech department and they’re rolling out an e-commerce platform where your sales team can makes sales through their ipads. you have to review loadsa feedback from the team about how they’ve been performing with their ipads and decide if we should spend the money on rolling out the ipads to all staff members or not bother.

it pissed me off cause it wasn’t a test of your technology skills, or creative thinking, or intelligence. just a test of how good you were at skimming through tons of information and coming up with decisions, but at a speed much higher than any job would ever demand of you.

the case study exercise is annoying too, all of you have to read information about two different companies and then decide which one to invest in or something. you’re given a company to argue for but nobody really bothered with this. there was one guy in the group who insisted on just chatting garbage the whole time and got up drawing matrices for stuff that didnt warrant a matrix, and just spent the whole time talking over people and adding nothing.

as you might have guessed from my tone i didnt get offered the job. good luck to anyone yet to attend an assesment day with unilever, i would recommend taking some kind of study drug before you go cause its 8 hours of being bombarded with shit, and the only time you actually get to talk about your skills and why you’d be good there is in the interview, which is a small part of the whole process

they love those standards of leadership too, be ready to come up with lies about when you’ve demonstrated them and be ready to exaggerate those lies when questioned


Guys I’ve just been invited to the Assessment Center for Unilever- HR Mgnt Trainee…from your posts here i understand the process takes too long…this event collides with another interview which I also value so much…would you advise that I cancel the Unilever one? seeing that the other interview is shorter and very viable


Hey guys!! I thought I’d ask this just in case any of you can help me out. I am thinking about applying to the 2015 Unilever future leaders programme, but I was wondering if Unilever accepts international students that did not study in the UK. In my case I am an EEA national so I can work in the UK without a problem, but my degrees are from Portugal and Spain. If someone can give me an idea if this is possible I’d be really grateful! Best of luck to all of you!!


Hey guys! So we’re about a month and something away from the start of applications for the 2015 intake… Anyone thinking of applying?


Hey, guys! I’m thinking of applying for a 2015 R&D summer placement. If anybody had such an internship could you please give some details about the project and how hard it was for you to obtain it? This post is amazing and really helpful. It gave me a great taste of what the selection process is like, but mostly for HR, Management or Finanace. There isn’t too much about the R&D area, so any little help would matter. Thanks!


Hey! You can check the Unilever graduates blog, they post info both for UFLP and their summer placements. Just search unilever graduates on google and you’ll easily find it.


I had my interview with Unilever collide wit another interview in a big firm…after lotsa thinking i had to forsake the one for Unilever without informing them…but through God’s grace the Unilever HR called and gave me another chance…I did the interview and passed all stages all the way to the Selection Day (Assessment Centre).

Two weeks later I received this mail:

"Thank you once again for the time and effort you have put into your application for the Unilever Future Leaders Programmme.
We are writing to advise that we have progressed your application onto the next stage for further review. Once this is complete, we will be in touch again to advise on your progress.
In the meantime, thanks again for your patience and continued participation. "

it’s now a month since, no communication yet.Anyone with the same case? How much longger should I wait


Ondixez, call them and ask for more information. I do not know if you have applied for the UFLP or the industrial placements or something else, so they are the ones that can let you know what are the next stages in your application. Good luck!


When do unilever reply or send an email on wehter i will be interviewed or not after doing my numerical test? Thank you