There is not a lot of info regarding the Unilever graduate program for UAE. I am going to tell you how it went for me. I Applied in August got the link to do the numerical test right after submitting the application. Did the test after 7 days. On the 10th day I had call from a Unilever recruiter asking me if I had a few moments to answer his question. It didnt seem like an interview as it was very short, but basically went over my CV particularly my education. During this call he asked if I was a national of the country I’m living in (He assumed I was) I replied no and told him I was an expat living here. At the end he asked me if I had done the numerical and after knowing I had done both the test asked for a day or 2 to go over my results.

The very next day he called me again and asked if we had talked before like he didnt remember and asked where we left off. I told him again about the tests and he asked for end of the day. The next day I got a rejection email from him.

It would be really sad if I got rejected based on my nationality since that was the same reason I got rejected from another application. I dont think it was because of the test as researching about them I found it if you dont pass the numerical you dont get the logical test link and I just gave a logical reasoning test for another company and passed. Since I didnt get any email telling me I passed the test or not I can not assume anything.

As for the call I guess it was a screening call or Maybe they just call everyone? I dont know


hi user 10, I too applied for the Graduate programme in Abu Dhabi.i completed a numerical test alone.then a phone interview by a recruiter named Sharif jomaa
2 days later I got a reject saying they won’t be taking my application any further.so I guess that was because I too am not a national plus I stay outside UAE. Yeeeesh!! :-S


Hey Namy90, Well I guess I am not the only one and yeah I’m in the same boat as you had the same thing happen to me. I think they are looking for nationals from GCC countries or Emiratis. The reason I suspected it was because of the nationality was that when I told him I wasnt a GCC national he gave a long “OOOOH” and got silent for a few secs.


Hello there, how do I start answering a question like ’ Please indicate why you think Unilever should employ you’?


hi, begin by saying how you feel your skills and interest are congruent with the objectives & principles of Unilever and how you look forward to the opportunity to bring in your strong interpersonal and leadership skills into a dynamic and fast paced workforce/team. hope this helps…basically this is to convince them that you are a good choice as employee and that you know what you’re getting into. Good luck and please update here what happens :slight_smile:


Hi there, thanks a lot for your help.


hey guys, this thread has been so helpful already. thank you everyone!
i just submitted my application and then was re-directed to complete Unilever English (enGB) NRT test. what is it for? and my web browser closed down before i could do anything. is that going to be a problem?


hi buttermilch, I had the same problem before. Just sent an email or phone them to explain what happened, then they would check and let you start your test again (only if you didnt start the real test before). As for the test, a sample test is available and its really helpful. Good luck :slight_smile:


Hey angela86, thank you. I will ring them on wednesday. Where did you find the sample test? Im nervous about it, I never did one before. Thanks and good luck to you too :slight_smile: x


NRT is the numerical reasoning test I think its from Kenexa you basically have to do 20 question in 20 minutes. These questions are usually basic math questions like how to read a graph, percentages, ratios, addition, subtraction etc etc. Now it sounds easy, but believe me you need a lot of practice because you can only spend 1 minute per question. I will give you one tip read the question first then look for the answer in your graph. This way you know what you’re looking for. Anyways good luck!


Hi there, anybody here can tell me which company Unilever used in their Logic Reasoning Test?

Thank you!


Has anybody been invited to the selection event of China Programme? I passed the telephone interview a month ago, still waiting…


hi. Queenie. hv u got the reply yet? when is the AC. and how long did u wait for the outcome of the telephone interview? i am still waiting…thx


Hey, has anyone had a telephone interview already? If so, how did it go?


I was told I passed my telephone interview on 21 Oct, but I still haven’t heard anything about the AC. There is no contact number, which is ridiculous imo! Have you heard any news?


The description on page one of what to expect is still very accurate.

  • 6 competency questions based on the standards of leadership (Tell me about a time…)
  • Why Unilever, and why this particular programme.
  • Who are the competitors, and what seperates them from Unilever.
  • What makes a good leader, and why would you be a good leader.
  • Something difficult Unilever are facing in the current climate.


You could try 0870 154 3550, this puts you through to the recruitment team.


Hi, I was wondering if you have been invited for your assessment center yet?


Hi i was wondering if anyone has had a recent assessment/selection day event with unilever for the financial management position?


Hi Sarah, I have recently been to one of these. What would you like to know in particular?

There were 3 tasks:

  1. Interview - this is a relatively standard 1 hour interview, very similar to the phone interview. You can expect questions on why you’d like to join Unilever, and your reasons for being there/choosing that particular programme. You can also expect 5 competency based questions based on the 5 standards of leadership - they might go into each one in slightly more detail than the phone interview, depending on how informative your initial answer is that you give.

  2. Case Study - this is the toughest part of the day for most people. You will get 90 minutes to prepare (and 2 case studies to do in this time). The first will be a general case study that everybody will be asked to do, and then a second that will be specific to finance. They purposefully give you far too much information and it’s up to you to answer the questions provided in the allotted time. Be strict with your time; 45 mins per case study, 22.5 mins reading, 22.5 mins writing. If you lose track then you’ll struggle when it comes to presenting your answers (20 mins per case study to explain your answers). When your answers aren’t good enough they will prompt you with additional questions giving you clear direction of where to go with it, and you can talk off the top of your head a little. From memory, one of the case studies was to do with an acquisition of another company, and the other was to do with launching a new range of healthy food products.

  3. Group task - you are given 40 mins to prepare, and will have to weigh up the pros and cons of two separate acquisitions. You will initially be given one of the two companies which you have to support (and have to talk about why to choose this for one minute), but after that you can support either decision. Make sure you don’t get caught up preparing a case for only the company you’ve been asked to support, you really need to know both relatively well. You’ll then discuss this as a group and to be fair, it’s pretty relaxed. You have to ensure that the points you make are well made and persuasive to the group to the point where you are contributing to the overall decision, and not just agreeing with other peoples points.

If you have any questions let me know and I will try to answer them from memory.