Update about CIMA questions

Just had the interview, no questions about CIMA, read this forum I didn’t get asked any question that wasn’t posted here



I was interviewed last week and the questions were more or less the same. The recruiter was very nice! Do have several examples for each of the possible questions because I used up all that I prepared and thus, I had to think about new examples during the interview.
Also my status is blank but I just got an email telling me that my application is under review, and that they will let me know soon.


Anyone else been invited to AC on 28th/29th? Was a bit short notice and I might not be able to go! Is there a chance they will hold more?
This is for the R&D stream


I was wondering if anyone has recently had a telephone interview for Supply Chain? Or an assessment centre date? Eagerly awaiting news on my telephone interview!


I had my telephone interview yesterday, the help from this trend is immeasurable. nothing is different from all what you guys have said. Thank you all.

In addition all that i will like to add is to be high on energy and be relaxed. Smile Smile Smile.

I am still waiting on the response and assessment center.

If there is any one that are on the same recruitment stage as I am.

I don’t mind practicing some group work/ case study in a group of 4 or 5 via Skype or Yahoo messenger just to get familiar with it. If any one is interested, please drop an email.

Good luck every one.


I had my phone interview on the 9th and still no response! I am a candidate for Customer Management scheme.


It’s been now 9 months since I passed the interview and no words for the AC. My account still reads selection board. Anyone had the same situation?


Hi, has anyone had a telephonic interview for UFLP in HR recently? What sort of questions were asked? I have mine on Friday! Please help…!


Hi HR20 - I’ll have the interview tomorrow evening, I’ll write a post about it. But I think if you have a look at previous posts, you can get a fairly good insight in what to expect… :slight_smile: And have a look at Targetjob, they have quite a nice summary of the company as well! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot dkoti! I have prepared the questions mentioned on this forum, Targetjob and Glassdoor… But none of the questions were specific to HR so thought of checking… Are you also appearing for the HR programme? Good luck with your interview tomorrow…Any inputs would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi - yes, I’m applying for HR as well. :slight_smile: The general questions were no surprise, so you should be fine there. Just prepare with loads of different examples, I had a set of few and sometimes I was asked about situations that I had mentioned in previous answers, so I had to come up with random new ones… that was a bit tough. And do the research on the company. There were some HR-related questions as well, like why did you choose it, why do you think it is suitable for you, what is its role, etc. But not so much technical ones. The interviewer was nice, so there’s nothing to worry about from that side. I was told to get the results within a week, so I guess for 2 or 3 I won’t hear from them… :smiley: Anyway, good luck and keep me posted! :slight_smile:


Great! Good to hear it’s not that tough… I have about 3 examples for each question…Hopefully should be enough…I will let you know once I am done! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot! Hope to meet you on the Selection day :slight_smile:


Ive got an assessment next week, does anyone have any tips?!


Hey Dkoti! Replying so late because I have been so confused if went well or not so much… It’s a week for me today so hopefully I will hear something soon… Any news for you?


HI Missrosell… The assessments are very simple if you practice the online tests… Its quite straighforward…


HI Missrosell… The assessments are very simple if you practice the online tests… Its quite straighforward…


hi donno,
I received a mail yesterday asking to complete the online assessment tests which was a numerical test on bar graphs and pie charts,20 mins 20 questions- barely reached the 14th and I’m not sure i did that great.nevertheless I’d like to know when did you hear from them after the online assessment? much thanks in advance!


Hi Namy90,
Would you mind to share the name of the test provider? Are they still using PSL or Kenexa? I attempted to find the practice tests on Unilever’s official site but it turned out to be a dead link. Did you only do a numerical test? Was there a logical test afterwards? Thank you in advance!


Arieli it’s Kennexa.and yes I did do only a numerical test so far.It was 20 questions in 20 minutes, mostly pie charts,bar graphs data interpretation. practice those plus some logical reasoning questions too.


Hi Namy90, thank you so much for your reply. Wish you the best of luck!