I just had my telephone interview, thank you to everyone who posted helpful tips here. I’ll reiterate what the others have said - All the questions revolve around the 5 competencies. Then a few on your chosen function + the industry as a whole. Have lots of ideas up your sleeve and elaborate on them. I was repeating a few points and the interview kept prompting me to explore new areas instead!


When is your Selection Day? Have you had it, or is it on the 13th (which is when mine is). Hope it went well if you have already had it.


Just had the selection day…it is tough and you really need to be on your A game throughout…the case study was the most difficult…you are given two tasks and have 90 minutes to complete both and then present your answers…each task contains 20 pages of info which you have to use to answer the questions…manage your time and be ANALYTICAL

The interview is fine…just DO NOT use the same answers from your application…they have your application to hand but it is ok to use answers from your telephone interview

In regards to the group task, it is not difficult…but you HAVE to lead and do not stay quiet…lead right from the beginning, sum up ideas and be passionate about what you say.

The night b4 is amazing…the hotel is mint…my room was the size of old trafford lol…just make the most of it but do not go 2 the selection day and expect it 2 be easy!

Hope this helps!


Just confirmed my attendance for an assessment centre next week (18/19). Give me a shout anyone else going too, would be good to start getting to know peoples before the 18th!


Has anyone else had this email, when I called they said I had passed the interview,but were still assessing my app…does anyone know why or how they decide?

I am writing with regards to your application for the Unilever Future Leaders Programme.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us during your recent telephone interview. Your application is currently in the process of being considered for a place on our final selection stage, our Selection Board event.

If you have any queries regarding this please contact us on 0870 154 3550.

We will be in touch again shortly.

Yours Sincerely,

Alison Poulton


Yeah I got this last Wednesday. Basically what it means is that because they’ve got so many candidates you’ve entered a short listing process.
It basically means you’ve passed the telephone interview but you’ll still have to wait to see if you’ve got through to an assessment centre. Its a nerve-racking wait but hopefully you’ll be fine.

I suggest giving them a call anyway just to show that you’re interested in what the email means


hey guys

just wondering how many days did you wait after the interview to have received that message?


I had my interview on a Friday. Then on the Wednesday I got that email and today I got another email saying I’ve been accepted on to an assessment centre.
I’m not sure if that’s the same for everyone though


ok i had mine last thurs so i guess i will hear back pretty soon! thanks for the info :wink:


Best of luck with that kyle203! I just had my interview a few days ago, and i’m yet to hear the outcome


Thank you for that… I had mine on the Thursday (so the day before yours), so not looking too hopeful.
Can I ask Bear_blue which programme you have applied for?



Anyone knows why there is nothing under the headline of the online application status? I have been waiting for 4 weeks, and yesterday, it still currently under review. thank you.



You do not actually have to lead in order to beat the group exercise.

In ACs, It is not always about who leads the group or who holds the marker but it is about the quality of what you say, how assertive you are and how you listen and interact.

Good Luck


Hi Suf123. Do you think there was any way that was good for preparing for the case study?


From what i have looked at in this discussion board, telephone interviews consist frequently of 5 leadership competency questions, which i should try to answer using the STAR technique, but maintaining a clear and concise focus on the actions i undertook more than the situation.
Whilst the 3-4 general questions related to Unilever may need the provision of information regarding particular role applied for, fmcg environment, competitive advantages of Unilever, close market competitors, and why i would like to work for Unilever.

I have my interview on the 28th December for a Supply Chain Internship so if anyone has any tips or hints on what in particular Unilever will look for in a Supply Chain intern, it would be most appreciated.


I had my telephone interview for supply chain grad scheme on the 11th Dec, and its been more than 2 weeks now and still no news from them. I called up the HR office and unfortunately they didnt have any information regarding my application. Does it always take so long? Or does this mean I’ve been rejected?


Thanks for all your information here, really useful! just a question, for the FINANCE graduate scheme telephone interview, did anyone get any QUESTIONS about CIMA??

Thanks and I will post any advice here after my interview!



I had my telephone interview on the 28th December for a Supply Chain Internship position. The information on here gave me some great insight as to what to answer. Questions that came up were (vague from memory):
Describe a time when you were innovative or creative in your decision making?
When you faced a problem and how did you deal with it?
Why you want to work for Unilever?
What do you know about the Supply Chain Operations?

Advice i can give to anyone having an interview is be prepared for the interview as it really does help yourself and the interviewer. Coming up with examples on the spot wastes your own time as the interviewer is on a very limited (30mins) schedule. They need to get to the bottom of your answer as quickly as possible so they can get the most information from you.

I do recommend the STAR approach to answering questions, very good structure and helps the interviewer.
I definitely recommend not looking at your notes during the interview however. I did this and the interviewer could tell i was nervous and searching for my planned answer. If you’ve managed to get an interview, you can definitely answer a couple of questions without notes, trust me, from experience, it helps.
Finally, research your position in-depth, i had an idea of my role and this really helped answering the question as it shows to the interviewer you know what you will be doing in your job, good background information helps too (competitors, product range).

All this got me a position in an assessment centre on the 21st January so good luck.


hey nah, i have the selection day for supply chain at the end of Jan
how did it go? have you got any tips?


I had the telephone interview on friday and now when I log in to the account area online my application status is blank…is that a bad thing?