Unicredit internship


Anyone had telephone interview with unicredit recently? If so have you heard back from them yet? thanks.


I had a telephone interview on 1st June. I got called on Thursday was asked if I could interview on Friday or today. I had the interview on Friday and they said they would get back to me some this week. So I guess it takes about 2 weeks for them to get back to you.


By the way, I applied for a compliance internship


Nice one, I would thought they would to the 2nd round interview together. Did they say to you on the telephone interview how long it would take them? because according to them I should of heard last week. I applied for FX options


Yes, they did. They said two weeks. They are really nice so you should give them a call. If you remember your interviewer’s name then ask for them.


cool, any ideas of any numbers? They called me with private number and they only have an email address on the website, which i have emailed them with but they didnt reply


020 7826 1000


hi, i got the internship offer…anyone else? the pay seems really lowwwwwww


oh really, how much is it? im still in the middle of interviewing, what position did you apply to?