Unethical uni cuts - time to do something about it!


My uni, London College of Communication is now being investigated because of the amount of courses closuring, and lecturers losing their jobs. (see the story here: http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/story.asp?sectioncode=26&storycode=415661&c=1)

What about you guys?

Have you seen or did you see the effect that spending cuts were having on your uni? Like course closures, redundancies and extra charges?

How can the government justify cutting courses, now they’re going to charge £9000 a year?

All it took was three emails, and now they’re being investigated. If you feel your uni has been as unfair to you, why not do something about it. Contact with the Quality Assurance for Higher Education email: comms@qaa.ac.uk

Let me know what you think.

Lets do something about it!


Just heard that 90 lecturers could lose their jobs in Liverpool.


This could effect future employment for grads looking to go into teaching.


i’m a graduate from LCC. i knew things were bad when I was there, because it was the last year they were running my course. good to hear somethings being done about it.


What course did you study? It felt like every course was up for the chop! I hope more people clock onto this and start reporting their own universities.


i studied ba marketing, which now doens’t exist anymore. in our last year we had one tutor who didn’t even teach marketing take our classes. think she taught pa or something.


With rising fees I can’t believe universities are making large cut backs. How can they justify it! I already graduated, but i have younger sisters who are going to university soon, I can’t believe how much they’ll pay. I went to Leeds Met and now I hear they’re charging almost £9000. There were loads of cutbacks on our course, one of our lecturers lost his job mid way through term, and I don’t think he did anything. I’m tempted to report it, but I don’t know everything about it.