undergrad subjects/modules


I have been filling out online applications. All of them require to enter degree modules. should I enter all the modules i took during undergrad study. I have done 4 year university study and I have taken at least 40 modules. Should I enter all of them with grades or should i enter the main/major modules? I think international students will easily be able to answer this question please post your views.

Also, i am doing postgrad degree now in the uk. when i entered my MSc qualification it keeps asking me year of study. and gives options like First, Second, Third, Final or Year out. i dont know which one to choose as my degree is one year and it is master’s not undergrad ?

hope to hear thanks.


by the way, among the 40 modules i took during undergrad were Sociology, philosophy and so on. :slight_smile:


I usually enter the modules that contributed towards my degree grade. Typically, I use all the final year modules, and write my overall year 2 grade ie:

Distributed Systems, Final year, 70%
Software Engineering, Final Year 50%
Overall Grade, Second Year, 60%

Regarding the MSc just use “first year” as they’ll know the format of an MSc.


Thanks Reg, I have already put all 40 modules i took during 4 year undergrad. what do others think? any inputs