Unable to access PwC online tests?!


completed the numerical and diagrammatical reasoning tests last night, but went on to try and complete the Online Situational Judgement Test but the SHLsolutions site would not allow me to get on with the test?! I get this message:

There is some error in processing the request

SHLsolutions is not currently available to you, please contact your system administrator.


I’ve reported the error to the PwC support team using the links they have on the page but I’m worried because the tests needed finishing by today but I’ve had so much on with work commitments etc that I hadn’t had a chance to tackle them until last night! I hope I’ve not been too late in getting it done! Anyone else had this before?


Forget about the report error links on the pages - these will send email alerts to people and may/may not be checked. Call PwC HR and explain this problem immediately!

Let us know what happens!


Thanks Ted, good advice, will give them a call on my lunchbreak - will sweat it out for now!


What’s the news?!


Oops sorry - phoned them at lunch, the SHL site went down last night and I’m free to complete the test tonight!


Nice :stuck_out_tongue: