UHY Hacker and Yound first round interview


Ello guys,

I have a first round interview with 2 audit managers. According to the letter i recieved its a formal interview. Ive rang up the HR and according to them it will just be a general chat.

Can you guys please share any experiences theyve had with this firm or ones that are very similar. From what ive read around the forums, the interview with by general questions and maybe some competencies towards the end. Is there any competencies in particular that i should cover?

Any help that i can get within this short period of time will be much appreciated.

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Out of curiosity, is the formal interview the next stage after the application form? Or did you have to do a phone interview / online tests first before receiving the letter?

Sorry I cant help you with your question.

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Hi guys,

I also have a first round interview with UHY Hacker Young in London. Any advice ali89? I’ve read somewhere that there is also a written exercise during the first interview, do you know anything about that?

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adi_dude : For the office i applied at, it is the next stage after the application. But If i remember correctly, for London and other popular locations, you need to sit the test. What I also know is that when sifting through your CVs they are EXTREMELY vigorous as when I sat my first round interview, there were 62 of us fighting for 3 vacancies.

t.t : I didnt get a written exercise. If your interview is 1 hour long then it will prolly be the same layout as mine. Just the standard questions like Why UHY, why do you want to do audit, your strengths, your weaknesses and they go through your CV. They will also ask some teamworking questions like when you worked well in a team and when you didnt. Make sure you go into detail about what you specifically did.

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Hi ali89,

Thanks very much for the response, did you have your partner interview or not yet? What office have you applied for? Any trick questions? Thank you very much for all the help.


Hi guys,

I was wondering what the second interview is like? What kind of the questions are there? And what is the interview process like?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.