UCAS requirements advice


Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate it if some people here could give me some advice on my current job hunt. I graduated last year with a masters in chemical engineering, from a top 20 university (which I was fortunate to still be accepted into) and attained a 2:1. Having taken a gap year out to gain some work experience and assess what career I want to move into, I decided I want to work in a financial analyst (management accounting) capacity and work towards a CIMA qualification.

The problem I am having however is that many of the employers require a minimum of 280/300 UCAS points to apply and unfortunately my a-levels only amount to 260 points. I really am unsure as to how to proceed, and am quite apprehensive about applying further as I feel I will just get auto-filtered out. The thing is I did get an A grade in my maths a-level but was let down by another science subject (D in biology). I also got A* maths and AA science, (Bs rest) at GCSEs.

Is there anyone out there in a similar position or has been successfull with applications with lower ucas points?

I’m just starting to get really disheartened now, as I worked really hard at uni to compensate and I feel engineering is certainly once of the more challenging subjects and is highly analytical/numerical in nature. Shouldnt the fact I obtained my degree from a top20 count for something? the requirements to get in for the course are AAB-ABB on the uni prospectus.

Any feedback and advice would be massively appreciated, (apologies for length of post! :p)