UCAS Points for Mature Students


Hi Everyone,

My first post with a question:

I am in the process of drawing up a list of companies I wish to apply as a recent Graduate. On top of the list (alphabetically) is Accenture. I want to start the application process but this 340 UCAS points is somewhat annoying. I am a 40 something who graduated with a 1st in an IT discipline and entered University as a mature student - no qualifications needed. I do have a Diploma from University attained 20 yrs ago and have completed a City and Guilds course previous to that. I cannot find the UCAS points for these courses - and I do not feel they are relevant to my recent degree studies.

I have rang Accenture recruitment - a charming Indian lady but she just did not understand what “entered University as a mature student” meant - she said just apply as a experienced hire?? Not very helpful and failed to answer my original query.

I have noticed that PwC also have a minimum UCAS cap - I am fearful that I will be disqualified just because I am a mature student??

I would appreciate advice in regard to this.

Thanks in advance


Hi all,

Almost finished my Hons degree in Accountancy and am expecting a first, I entered University for the second time as a mature student and have an HNC in Human Resources and an NC in another subject can anyone tell me if these hold any ucas points and if so how many. I am due to start applying for posts and fear I have just wasted four years of my life !!




I’m having the exact same problem, I completed a SGA & HNC in Computing 10 years ago. Received a conditional offer where I had to attain A’s in 4 business modules at another university and I am expecting to achieve a first in my Business Management Honours degree.

Most of the consultancy graduate employers are looking for your UCAS score. After all the hard work I would hate to be discriminated against because of my age… I’m only 28.

I tried to join one of the buddy schemes but you cannot progress without your UCAS score. Frustrating.

Please Help!