UCAS points and Investment banks


I was wondering if anybody could confirm to me the following: I know that when calculating ur UCAS points you include all your A-levels, but can you also include an AS level that you did not complete a full A level in? i.e. I did four AS levels in my first year, but in my final year i did 3 A levels. Its just coz sum IB’s want a minium amount of UCAS points. I hope wat i am asking is clear 2 all! Thanks for you help ppl


From what I remember, you halve the amount of points if it is just an AS you got. So an A at AS would be 60…

Someone will have to confirm that though


Yea cheers mate, anybody else confirm it?


Include all your A2 and AS levels, but most banks stipulate their point requirements based on your 3 highest qualifications.