Can somebody tell me anything about online tests for UBS?



standard SHL.


One numerical and the other one is logical (i.e. diagrammatic - not verbal).


@IBD_Haunter - I sent you a private message.


its very easy.

I prepared for half day and finished both.


@ bearcat:

Have you already received UBS’s feedback concerning your tests or how do you know whether you’ve passed the tests?


I havent received anything yet, since I did them last night. I have no idea whether I pass the tests or not, though I think they are quite easy, and this feeling should be a good sign.


what division did you guys apply to?


Is the invite to the test automatic or do they review your application and then invite you? I want to apply just to use the test as practice, don’t really care about the interview…


I think the test invite is like the final part to complete your application. There might be an initial review but nothing in-depth.


Anyone heard from UBS after completing the tests?

A friend got rejected three days afterwards although he thought he had done quite well in the tests.

I’m about to take mine, so let’s see how it goes.


break your leg. no news is good news.


is logic test hard?


Some of them can be very difficult… Yes… It just depends what set of questions you get unfortunately…


been invited to first round tech at UBS for full time…anyone know anything about the programming test???


@megaman1987 - From what I understand of other banks who make you do a programming test and what I’ve heard from friends, it will just be a booklet with lots of programming questions. They’ll give you snippets of code and ask you to complete it or identify errors in code etc. They may also ask you some questions just about how you’d implement certain things in Java, C++, C blah blah. I think you can get away with pseudo code too. (Maybe not with UBS though.) They are very hard by the way. They are supposed to be and you;re not expected to complete them all. Just that most of your answers should be correct. How they judge your answers, correct or not, will be dependant on the sort of roles you are interested in also.


In the email, it says you dont need any specific knowledge of a language and the test will be looking at how fast you can learn a new language. Also u need to pass this to progress to the interviews in the afternoon…


Oh okay. I’ve not heard of tests like that before. I guess this is to reach out to those who aren’t from a technology background. I’m not sure what they’d ask you then. Pehaps they’ll give you some simple exercises to look over or snippets of code and see whether you know how to complete the rest.

If I were you, I’d probably learn the basics of programming unless you already graduated in IT in which case this might be fairly easy for you. Sorry not of much help - I don’t know anyone whose even had an interview with UBS, they are very strict on academic requirements!

You must have a very strong academic background. Good luck, hopefully it will go well for you.


Thanks for the info chucky…

My academic results are great tbh, but have relevant work experience so maybe they have looked into that. I had to postpone my UBS interview as I cant make it. Sent them a email, but no response…surely their will be another round of first interviews…right??


Check your PM MegaMan