UBS take multiple applications?


Hi, would like to know if anyone knows whether UBS take multiple applications, like a application for graduate position as well as one for internship? Cheers.


don’t think so!


because i am at a process of whether I should give some companies a go at interns and soom apply for grad schemes, just may have some luck somewhere. spreading the risks i was thinking. but anyway, thanks a lot.


don’t think so, but i think you can do multiple applications under fake names and then have a practice at the online tests (cos i think they look at the application AFTer the test)

up to you, guess it’s kinda bad lol


Yes. You ‘’‘can’’’ do that. :stuck_out_tongue:


ml85- normally you need to be in your penultimate year to apply for internships, and final year/graduated for grad jobs, so not sure if you’d fulfill the requirements for both. internships are a lot more competitive btw, so you may want to take that into consideration.