UBS S&T Assessment Centre 2014

J.P. Morgan
Credit Suisse


Hi everyone!

I want to exchange AC experience - whoever attended UBS and can give me some info, I can give you a detailed description of Barclays, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse or BNP Assessment Centres.

I was wondering if anyone already did the AC for UBS, this year or in the last couple of years? I have mine coming up this week.

Do you have any info and tips?

Is the numerical test paper or computer based? How much time/questions? Easier/harder than online?
What company did you get for the presentation and group exercise?
What markets questions were you asked?
What brainteasers and/or maths and technical questions?
Any competency questions you found hard?



Hi Mike,
What location is this for? Hong Kong?


Also is this for trading or sales?


Hey! Its sales, London


Hey tk_1,

Did you apply to HK? For the summer internship or grad program?

I’m asking because I applied for the summer internship in Singapore three weeks ago, but haven’t heard anything since. Not sure if I should be getting worried, or bracing myself for rejection…


Hong Kong is interviewing atm. so maybe you should brace yourself. good luck!


Hi everyone!

I’ve got an assessment centre scheduled for early January 2014. Applied for summer internship in FICC. It will be my first experience of an assessment centre, so does anyone have any helpful tips on how to prepare?


Hello Mike!
I have just seen your post and unfortunately I cannot give you any detailed description of the UBS AC but would you be able to give a me a brief lowdown on the JP Morgan AC? I have a global markets AC at the end of the month and was just wondering if you could give me some more details on the day and what areas would be good to work on. No worries if you don’t have time!
Thank-you so much,