UBS online assessment SHL



Hi, I am in the same position, did you get a response?


Has anyone done the UBS cultural appraiser assessment, yet? I wonder what this test is about


It’s basically a situational judgement test


please send me those at


Could you please send me some numerical tests please at Thank you


did you get any answers for your request?


Hey all If you are finding any online aptitude tests challenging, I can help you out. Have vast experience in taking most aptitude tests. Background in engineering. Happy to help with career advice, CV modification, interview prep and online test taking. For custom requests which you think I might be able to help, please drop me a message.


Hi Jan, did you took that test already? can you tell me more about it? many many thanks!


anyone has done the video interview?



Could you please send me these tips as well? I would truly appreciate it as I have to complete this assessment as well.


Hey I’ve done these before I could actually help you with these tests… IV learnt from wikijobs tests actually they where very helpful thanks to them I am where I am… but let me know if you need any help Ill send you whatever information I have.


Hi Zaks, I’m going to do the online tests which includes culture appraiser and numerical reasoning test. Do you have any recommended resource ? Much appreciated! Would you pls send them to ? Thank you so much!!



Thanks for reaching out! If you have any practice for numerical or verbal reasoning tests, that would be very appreciated!