UBS IBD Frankfurt Interview advice?


Hey everybody…
After having passed the online AC, I have an invitation for a fist round interview at the Investment Banking Division in Frankfurt, Germany. They told me, that the day will be as follows:

Start: 13-14 o’clock

  • Multiple Choice Test (40 questions in about 35 minutes)

…only if you succeed:

  • 2 Interviews with 2 bankers

…after that:

  • Case Study (45 minutes for preparation)
    -> 5 minutes of presentation
    -> 10 minuites of Q&A

They told me there is no real right or wrong within the case-study. They would like to see how you handle the problem, if you are clear enough and how you behave in stressful situations like the Q&A part.

Anyways: Can anybody share some experience? Would be great!!! Especially about the case study. I have no idea about what this could be.




I am up for the same next week, when is your interview?

have you found out more about the cases?



Hey fred,

Can you share with us your experience at the AC? …I am really worried on the written numerical test? is it tougher than the online one? were u able to finish it all?
Regarding the cases and the presentation, share with me the details please.




There are 40 questions, you have 35 min to solve them. You probably have to solve a minimum of 35 questions. In our group, those who solve less than that were “eliminated” =).

Hope that helps. I would really recommend to practice a lot.

Good luck!!!


Thnx Xica…what was the case about ??



Well it wasn’t really a case. I don’t know why they told us it was gonna be one. There was just a case-like question in the interview. “How would you value our new building?”

Good night =)


Hy guys,

did you apply for Frankfurt IBD or London IBD? Because will have an first round interview at UBS Frankfurt, but applied for London. I wonder that you had a case study, because the HR contact never mentioned case study, just said I will have a numerical test and if successfull, 2 further interviews.
For those who already had the interview: Was it more technical interviewing like valutation technices etc or just competency like team leader experience etc?

I am so thankfull for any response, best, Wurstblinker