UBS GTP 2014 (Singapore)



Hi anyone applied for this and got any replies yet? I applied for the GTP for technology, taken the tests and went for the insights into technology networking session, but no replies or whatsoever yet regarding the next stage :confused:


I Applied for Operations did all my tests and my application status staes" Application complete". I do not understand this as the tests were the easiest among all banks. It is almost a month since I applied to this.


Update! Status changed from “Application Received” to “Application Review”. Keeping fingers crossed :confused:


I applied on 2nd September for GTP Operations and my application status is still shown as “Application Complete”. The tests were very easy and I have a strong Application. Of course I did not attend any workshop. Anybody for Operations role got an update?


Even my application status changed to “under Review” since yesterday. I am for Operations role with no relevant Banking internship experience.


Same here, i have done the online test, yet no update after that. Im applying for Operations role.


Can anyone tell how to check the status of the Application at UBS ? It would be helpful if someone provided a link…



Go to the job board where you applied in the first place. When you click ‘Home’ at the top, it will ask you to login. After that, click on ‘Job submission status’

I applied for Markets, and it just turned to ‘Application Review’ on 10/22


The link is Just try and see and this is for APAC region.


Thank you all so much. It says Application Complete…Hoping for the best. :slight_smile:


Anyone receive updates?


No. Still under REVIEW only since Oct 7th. I applied for Operations. How about the others in this forum!


Applied on 15 September 2013. Been “Application Complete” ever since. Anyone in the same situation? How long did it take to turn to “Under Review”


Applied on 15 September 2013. Been “Application Complete” ever since. Anyone in the same situation? How long did it take to turn to “Under Review”?


More than a month. No progress since then.


I emailed them ask what my current status. HR got back to in a day yesterday that my app us still under review.

Things are moving very slow this year


Same here! Got the same reply when i emailed them last week. They also wrote that they will inform me if I am shortlisted for an interview, Pretty slow and dull.


hi… anyone got any update?


I checked my online status in their website. suddenly since yesterday it is showing as “Position filled”. I did not receive any reject email though. Highly disappointing as I thought I had a strong application and very easy online tests. Sigh!


oh… thanks. so it went directly from application review to position filled. no communication in between… sad