UBS: First Round


anyone got the first round coming up?


Hi noob,

I am still waiting to hear, but that was the last application I did so I’m guessing it is going to take ages!! I enjoyed doing the Logic test as part of the application though, did anyone else?


Also what is annoying about UBS is that now i’ve applied I keep getting sent the graduate/intern newsletters every week!!!


I haven’t done it. What was it like? Can you give an example of a question?


hey redsuperted,

the logic test asks for the next in the sequence and its all shapes and symbols, so typically you would get lots of shapes within shapes and then be asked what the next in the sequence is…if that makes any sense at all!!! I cant remember the test provider but it was pretty simple and not many questions, 30mins 10 questions?


Like this - [[abstract reasoning]]?


its done by shl - apparently its not weighted very highly in terms of the recruitment process. not sure why they don’t scrap it tho!


Dont know what logic test you gave, but I found it massively, massively hard. It was around 20 questions, 21 mins. It was even harder than the questions you get if you sit for the MENSA test. There were 8 practise questions for you to work upon when you click on the SHL test link, quite easy and enjoyable. But the actual test questions for me were much, much harder. There were at least 2-3 questions I had absolutely no idea what was happening, and just randomly clicked on a answer. Oh well, but it was at least something different from the crappy verbal reasoning.


What are these AC’s like? How are they assessed?


i’ve actually just been asked to do the online assessments for UBS today.

any tips guys?
or anything that i should look out for?

thanks for any help!


its standard shl, just make sure you do well on the numerical…the logical: well, have a good go at it!! its fine, nothing to worry about tho.

as for the ac- their wikijob profile page gives a pretty good indication of what to expect!


cheers mate,

tryin to find places where i can practice similar lests before giving it a go, but havnt come across that many so far.

is there anywhere i could practice these kinds of tests?



the logical test i’m not so sure about, but will help for the numerical as will the practice tests on wikijob! - what division are you applying for out of interest?


hey kc0793 sorry u found the logic test hard, but i heard they dont carry much weight, but its seemed pretty simple really! But yeh I am still waiting to hear bout the next stage, but UBS was one of the last banks I was going to apply for particularly because they are making 2008 graduates defer for another year!!


@ Marky87 - There’s a short practice test on PSL -
Answers for PSL - D, A, E, D, C, A, A, C, B, B, C, E
Once you’ve had a good stab at them, the answers should help you make sense of the sequence for any you got wrong.

There’s also a full test on - If you scroll further down on this page, it gives answers and explains them.

I found the UBS logical test a bit more difficult than the practice tests, but the practice tests help you to identify patterns and sequences. Which you need for the actual test.

Hope this helps!


thanks alot oyinda, appreciate it!

guess i’ll have to practice the logical tests quite a bit if its as hard as everyones been saying!


I have completed the application and got an invitation to sit on online test, does anyone know if it is an automatic invite or you’ve already passed the first stage screening?



l85, it’s an automatic invite. It is the last stage of the application process. After the test, your application is reviewed and you’ll be called for the first stage of the assessment.
Has anyone done the first stage of the assessment day? I have been invited and I don’t know how to prepare or what kind of questions they ask.
Kindly assist


i had my first round last week. its pretty good, they’ve very friendly! the numerical test is a little nerve racking just cos they tell you whether you passed or not on the day! its pretty similar stuff to the online tests except its 35 mins and 40 questions. its possible to do all! the interview is fine! standard competency questions. if you’ve had other interviews, you’ll know what to expect!! they also let you know the outcome of the interview really soon - i was informed 3 hours after it!


Thanks, noob. I haven’t done any interviews before. this is my first time. Can you give me examples of questions you were asked?
My assessment day is on tuesday and I don’t have an idea on what to expect.
Expecting your reply soon