UBS - Chief Operating Officer (Summer Internship)


Can anyone give me any information on what this placement actually is at UBS?

I find it unlikely that it is an internship to become the COO upon graduating, and it also seems unlikely that it is an internship to be the COO’s assistant, as that seems an strange thing to have an internship for… so confused as to what the role actually encompasses!

So anyway, if you know anything about this placement it would be good to know.


well I wanted to apply to that, if you read up on UBS and if my memory serves me right… they hired a new COO for cost cutting, so this is a ‘new department’. I wanted to apply to that with the rational that if any part of loss making UBS is hiring it would be the cost-cutting department… lol

I decided on IB/CF eventually… but silly me, I messed up my numerical test big time taking it 1am in the morning!


Sounds a lot like a management department from the UBS site and I like your thinking for applying there haha! Here’s the best info i’ve found:

But anyone else who is going into the department, has experience of it etc would be great to hear from…

I did the same thing with the online tests too - definately a bad idea! Not done it since that’s for sure. Also did the BP ones first thing after waking up and that did not go well either, very luckily I have passed both… but I bet only just!


So I assume you heard back regarding your internship? Did you apply for internship or graduate ?

that means I canned my test… silly me! oh well expected!


I applied for intern positions. Yeah got an Assessment Centre coming up so want to get as much info about the position as possible so I can answer their “why this role” questions!

I wouldn’t worry if you haven’t heard yet. Lots of waiting in this game!


put it this way, I’d be suprised if I got called up, I know I made at least 5 mistakes in the numerical. Those are the onese I know for sure!

incidently do people finish those numerical questions? all of them? what sort of passing mark are they looking for?

good luck mate!

when’s your AC?


@sucesshunter: I also applied for COO grad scheme back in Oct but havnt heard anything from them since completed the test. I think I did well on the test as I managed to do it all on time :frowning: Can u PM em UBS contact? I called them to ask about my application but they said I need a specific person name to talk to.


I also applied to this in october and havn’t heard anything back, i know that i passed the test because my status changed to applicaton review, the HR date is still 27th of october so basicaly they haven’t even looked at it…


I think I am in the same boat with you callipygian :frowning:
I guess it is the case because I emailed them and they told me they had huge amount of applications and they will be in contact soon. It’s so weird that they keep the application for so long. I talked to the HR who came to my uni in October and she told me things should be sorted out by December and they are really hiring for this position. I dont know whether we can trust her or not but keeping application untill now is really pissing me off :frowning:


I applied mid/late december, the AC i went to was quite small… dont think they were hiring that many people for COO, in fact the guy said that it was a role more suited to experienced people so after grad scheme you would probably be pushed into another department anyway…


Compare with other division, COO hire much less but still if they are hiring, they should accelerate the process because otherwise ppl would have had job offers already. I just dont understand why they open such position and never bother looking at the applications that they have.


Linhmai, yeah i was suprised as well, i would have thought by now i would have either been rejected or at least been to an AC (wasnt expecting them to have given an offer by now and finalised everything)
SH, i thought this thread was about the summer internship not the grad program?


Like i said i went through with UBS for COO and had my AC, it was a very small AC and i wouldnt be surprised if that is all they are doing. you guys probably havent been rejected as they wait to see how many people accept their offers and then hold another AC if they need to…

just my thoughts