I have been invited to UBS assessment centre the coming Wednesday.
It will be really helpful and really appreciate if anyone can share with me their experience with UBS assessment centre?

I am particularly concern with the case study presentation and group exercise. Can I please get advice on how to prepare with only 2 days left?

Also with the numerical test, SHL only has one paper available to practice, does anyone know where else i can get practice on UBS numerical test?

Minnie Mouse


Hi Minnie, which location and what position did you apply for? Good luck with the test!


Has anyone heard back from UBS for a sales and trading application in London.
Have completed application and tests but nothing for over a month.

Anyone got to interview for S&T?


I am also awaiting response on sales and trading …

applied in oct end …

i didnt receive any feedback …


I applied for London Equities sales and trading…
I was really lucky as i got a reply from them the next day after i sent my application.
Anyone has gone through assessment centre?? i heard it’s really hard! am really worried!!


Hey Minnie Mouse, from my experience of the UBS asessment center they dont allow you to progress to the afternoon interviews, casetudy etc if you dont pass the morning numerical test. So make sure you ace that. ITs incredibly easy, they give you 35 mins to finish 40 questions. Make sure you work through the questions as quickly as possible without wasting time taking a breather or something. You want to be among the people that either finsih or do 35+ questions

The Group excercise, is something like they’ll give you a business scenario, and as a group you have to come up with a solution to the problem. Make sure you show early leadership i.e just try to structure the whole excercise at the start brainstrom, swot etc and ask everyone their opinions. Make sure everyone doesnt go unheard. Google it, there’s lots of stuff about techniques for Group excercises.

Case study is the one where you are on your own. This is probably harder as they’ll pick on you and drill you after your presentation. Make sure you structure your presenatation well so they can follow it. i.e swot again. Again there’s stuff on the intenet about this. Interviews they mostly blab through your cv and ask you standard competencies


Hi Egoneo,

Thank you for your advice… really helpful^^ juz wanna ask you for the numerical test, it’s the SHL ones right? do you know where else I could get some practice from?

can i know what was your case study topic on? I am not sure how the question for the case study will be like…


Hey Egoneo

Thanks for the useful info.
I wanted to know more about the presentation, not the topic, but rather the structure they expect and the number of slides that have to be prepared. Would be great if you could shed some light on this. Cheers.


guys please help!! any advice pls?


@ MinniMouse, wikijob website has 2 numerical style tests which are very similar to the shl tests you’ll get. Didnt really have anywhere else to pracetice apart from the shl website but trust me, its easy enough that you dont need to practice that much before hand.

if i remember correctly it was a 10-20 min presentation, for the life of me i cant remember the topic(it was last year). Some business scenario that you had to come up with a solution for. Swot analysis did the trick for me. Maybe 3 or 4 slides is more than enough. You dont want to overload them with information. And keep it reasonably simple that they can follow it. They’re looking at your presentation skills as well as your ability to deal under pressure i.e they are gonna probe you about your proposals.

My advice…pass the tests first worry about the other stuff later.


Thanks loads Egoneo!! can i know wat’s the passing mark for the test?


there isnt really one i think, rather they only want to take a certain percentage of people i.e if they invite 25 people, the only want the top 13, which was the case for us.


Egoneo, what about the questions what we will be asked after the case study presentation? can you please give me some examples of the questions?


Hi, Minnie Mouse,

Could you describe please the assessment? I’ll get it in two weeks… Thanks a lot!


hey has anyone had an assessment centre for wealth management yet? I was wondering what stage UBS are at and how many graduates they are still looking to recruit. I hope I am not too late!!!

Cheers guys!


hi Minnie Mouse,

could you please tell me how the AC went. i have it in next week! thanks!


Hi guys,

I’m applying for UBS n have a few questions to ask you about.

Firstly, in the employment part, you are given some space to write about your responsibilities/ additional information for each employment. USB don’t give u the word limit so I’m wondering how many words I’m expected to write in there?

Secondly, the same question for the open questions part, how many words u r supposed to write?

thank you very much in advance.



Hey guys

I have an assessment center for UBS in london on October 7th…anyone knows how many people do they usually have for group discussion?
What do I need to prepare for the interview?



Hi autumn, I was just wondering if you found out how long the job descriptions should be for the UBS application? Have you submitted your app?


Hey everyone,

Does anyone know what the assessment centre is like for UBS private wealth management? Any help would be grateful- seems like the assessment days are beginning for UBS!

Thanks and good luck with any respective applications