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Does anyone have previous experience of the 1st round assessment at UBS? I have an interview coming for equities sales and would REALLY appreciate any advice/insight!


HI nsa,

When u applied for it? I have applied for equities trading, but still no news after finishing tests…


@ nsa: is it for the London office?


Hi guys,

Yes London office. I applied a while back, I think early september and they only just got back to me


Any pointers?


Hey, guys,

could you please tell me a bit about the assessment centre at UBS ?
What was the topic of your case? Was it difficult? Have you got a position?

Thank you so much for advice.


You would have to do a very easy numerical reasoning test first. If you pass that then, you would all proceed to do a presentation exercise. Quite straight forward, you would get a notes on a company and would be asked to do a presentation in front of 1 interviewer. It is easy, 10 mins presentation and make sure you do not exceed the 10 mins you have as you would be penalised. You would then be asked to a few questions. I recommend a SWOT analysis for the presentation.

Then a face to face interview. 30 mins max. easy competency based.


Then you have a group exercise. You are likely to get a sum of money and you would have different roles in the company on which you did your presentation earlier. you have a few mins to say why you want the budget depending on your role.

Then discuss between yourselves and determine where to allocate the budget.


Boozer, thanks a lot. It doesn’t look very complicated. But could you please answer some more questions?
Was the topic similar to the “marketing strategy for launching a new Nike product: Footwear for those aged 60+?” What were the roles of candidates? Like Promotion department, R&D, Logistics?
Were you supposed to estimate DCF? Any other calculations?

Did you have any technical questions (e.g. valuation methods) during interview or just competency?

Thank you so much.


hey has anyone had an assessment centre for wealth management yet? I was wondering what stage UBS are at and how many graduates they are still looking to recruit. I hope I am not too late!!!

Cheers guys!


Hey everyone,

Does anyone know what the assessment centre is like for UBS private wealth management? Any help would be grateful- seems like the assessment days are beginning for UBS!

Good luck with your respective applications



On my assement day, the company was Apple:

  • presentation: SWOT analysis + recommandation plan
  • group exercice: 2 min to say why your departmt (RD, Marketing, ISR…) would need money, then a 15 min discussion (nothing technical, it just assess your communication skills and ability to work as a team… I think)



Hey boozer,

Got a written numerical test next week. Is the written test easier than the SHL practice exam?? How would you compare it to the 1st online test? Could you share some of the tips on the numerical test please?

Thnx bro,


The written test is pretty piss easy - only 5 or 6 sources of information,so the questions get quite repetitive. It is more time pressured than the online test, but saying that I finished about 7 or 8 minutes early, so if you can work a calculator fast enough you should be fine.


Has anyone received a response for Equities Research in London? I applied 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard from them yet. Cheers.



Has anybody done UBS assessment centres 2010 for any position. Doesnt seem to be much on here.



Hey guys,

I had an assessment centre this Monday on the 8th. Got an email the day after saying the assessors needed more time to make a decision. Still haven’t heard back and getting worried. Would it be wrong if I made a call this Monday to follow up?


Which division did you apply to?

I had mine on 12th but no reply so far, not even an email


I havent heard from them either…i did the written numerical test in Dubai…(they told me if i pass i will be invited to the AC in London)…its been 2 weeks now…i called the HR last week and she told me that i did very well on the test but they still need more time…Did any1 get an offer for the 2011 IB analyst program?


Mine was for equities. how about you tclam1202,

also were your interviews desk specific?


I just had a assessment centre with ubs for accounting and finance, summer internship and was offered the place, as wikijob has helped me prep ill add my experiences

ok firstly the numerical is 40 questions in 35 mins…erm its neither harder or easier that shl its about the same…so just basic preparation is needed…pointers i would give are just be careful as some of the sources arent what you think…as in one question is about residuals which would probably catch people out…but all in all its definitly not to bad…they do have a benchmark…so you are competing against others but if you all score well, you will all go through(i think the highest marked people will do that assessment and the others will be invited back again for the next one)

the group presentation…is not to bad…just basic stuff like time keeping and coming up with a solution…ours was on apple…also you have to do a 2 min presentation on why you should get allocated the budget…not to bad, just make notes and make sure you speak for 2 mins

the interview was really laid back…more of a chat then interview
the usual questions why ubs, why acounting and finance, and then its basic comptency…
my guy was realy chatty and didnt really follow the script that they have and just kind of asked questions based on my answers…they also ask one or two brainteasers…its not your answer its just if you have enough commen sense to come up with something decent…but all in all interview is very relaxed and as long as youve done a bit of work youll be fine

the presentation…mine went really really bad…its a swot analysis on apple…just make sure you use time effeciently…i didnt and my presentation ended up with me just making stuff up as i went along…but tbh i think its how you deal with the questions that they care about…like my answers to that werent so bad so i think thats what helped me pass

so yeh all in all its not to bad

good luck :slight_smile: