UBS Accessment Centre


Hello I am going to have UBS AC next week in London Operations, Just wondering anyone had it and do they ask technical questions when face to face interviews or just competency? it would be appreciated you guys can show me some examples of the questions…thx alot !!!

Thank you guys !!


hey mkchai, i was invited too. there hasn’t been a lot of discussion on UBS so i honestly don’t know what to expect!


When did you guys applied? I applied for the same position on 17th April and did the test but didnt hear back. How long did it take for them to reply to you?


i applied and did the tests last week and got invited three days later


Hi guys,

I’m applying for UBS n have a few questions to ask you about.

Firstly, in the employment part, you are given some space to write about your responsibilities/ additional information for each employment. USB don’t give u the word limit so I’m wondering how many words I’m expected to write in there?

Secondly, the same question for the open questions part, how many words u r supposed to write?

thank you very much in advance.



Hey everyone,

Does anyone know what the assessment centre is like for UBS private wealth management? Any help would be grateful- seems like the assessment days are beginning for UBS!

Thanks and good luck with any respective applications


Hi donell251088,

Did you attend the AC for UBS Wealth Management? I hope it went well! I have an AC coming up for that and have no idea what to expect, can you please share some experience about that please? How was the tests, interview, group exercise and presentation? What kind of questions do they ask for WM?

Thank you very much in advance and any details would be much appreciated!