UBS ACA Programme


Hi all, I got invited to take online assessments for the UBS ACA Programme. I sat the tests today - to be correct I sat the test - there was only a Numerical Reasoning test. I was expecting either a VR or LR test to follow the NR test.

Does this mean I didn’t make the grade to move onto the VR/LR part of the test or is their only a NR test for this programme?

I’m very confused…can anybody shed any light on this?



UBS HR confirmed there is only one test - a Numerical Reasoning test.


Hi sjk72,

I was just wondering which graduate scheme at UBS offers ACA training?



It isn’t a graduate scheme - it is an 18 month programme for Wealth Management which takes internal and external candidates and trains them to become Client Advisers.

Just did a quick scan of the UBS careers site and it looks as if this current programme has closed for applications.


Thank you. I had a look myself and couldn’t find any details about it. I think the Fiance and Accounting Graduate position has the option to study for the ACA too but there are no definite details.

Another question I have is regarding the online application. There doesn’t seem to be a word limit for the answers but I was wondering if you knew the average length of answers that is considered to be good? Most other application questions ask for an answer of about 250 words.


I applied for this programme back in July and was asked to do the Korn Ferry tests. Haven’t heard anything further though…is anyone else in this situation too? Has there been any progress on the applications?


Does anyone have any concrete information as to what qualification(s) UBS sponsors graduates joining the Finance & Accounting division?