UBS AC Numerical test, Urgent..!


Hi there,

I am going to UBS AC this friday. I haven’t got any experience and I am pretty concerned about the numerical test, because I am not really so good at it… Wikijob says it’s “demanding”, and some other guys here say it is very easy… How do you guys find it, compared with the online assessment? I have also seen another guy’s blog which says “40 questions to go in 30 mins”? I thought it was 35 mins. Thx!


it’s a matter of practice and skill with numbers…


hey, I’ve been invited for the assessment this Thursday.What position are you applying for?


I am not applying for anything… just telling you what I know from experience…


IBD_Hunter, sorry, my question was for inferno 19


hey inferno 19, it’s not that bad. just practise ur numerical tests and at the AC, be quick and hope you do better than the others. 'cos you have to pass it to continue with the AC


thx, haunter, but where would you recommend I go for the practice? did you find the questions at AC familiar, or very close to those from online assessment?


thank u, geekydiva, do u have any suggestion on the presentation? Should I focus on the questions only or prensent contents of the material clearly as well?


makeithappen, I am applying for IBD.


try doing the practice test on the SHL website… that’s harder than usual… so, that will be a good preparation for the paper based test… although, the paper based test is a bit different than the online ones… but just stay calm and dont panic during the test… only a few people is able to answer all the questions… also avoid wild guessing…


Also, I would suggest one more thing… when they give you the time to do the examples… spend some extra time trying to look at the different tables and graphs… coz you are gonna be using the same graphs throughout the test… so, if you get acquainted with them before the real test actually starts, that will save you some time too!!!


This is so much more than I could hope for! Billions of thx, Haunter!!!


hi inferno19 - are you in uk?

just wondering, i applied for a role in HK, had a first round interview, did their online assessment and have been invited to their meet and greet session this week. i know the next round is an interview with line manager and then assessment center. but have yet heard from them on those two. anyone any idea?


Hi mozartbaby, I am not in UK. I had the first round interview and was invited to AC.


Hi guys,

I’m applying for UBS n have a few questions to ask you about.

Firstly, in the employment part, you are given some space to write about your responsibilities/ additional information for each employment. USB don’t give u the word limit so I’m wondering how many words I’m expected to write in there?

Secondly, the same question for the open questions part, how many words u r supposed to write?

thank you very much in advance.



I kept it to a maximum of 250 words. You don’t want to give them an essay for each answer. but yes, it is a little confusing since they dont give a word limit…


Hey everyone,

Does anyone know what the assessment centre is like for UBS private wealth management? Any help would be grateful- seems like the assessment days are beginning for UBS!

Thanks and good luck with any respective applications


Hey bro,

I got a written numerical test next week for an IB role. When you say its a bit different than the online ones…what do u mean? wt makes them different? Are they easier than the online ones? how do u compare it to the practice test on the SHL website? I realized that some of the problems on SHL test require alot of calculation. is it the case for the written test?


hey inferno19,

Got a written numerical test next week…Given that you completed the numerical test…how tough was the exam? tougher than the online one? can you share some of the tips and a general overview about the exam itself? were u able to finish all of the questions?


The test is easier than the online one, but you still need to focus to finish the test. Most of the questions were very easy, but you need to spend less time on each question on average. If you want any tips, please refer to Haunter’s comments.