Any one going to UBS AC in London in the near future ?


Hi ibCF

I have taken the Online Numeracy Test followed by the Logical Test. I feel I did good at the Numerical Test but struggled abit with the Logical Test. It was a tough set of questions for me :frowning:

I have since 22nd November 2011 not heard back from them and the Online Application status states “Online Testing”. Please could you advise as to when is it likely to be updated or what would be next.

Please can you guide as to what exactly happened at the AC?

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I submitted my application late October, and did not hear back until early/mid November for phone interview. Got invited for the AC 10 days after the phone interview. If you pass the phone interview they will let inform you of what your AC day will consist of, so you will know what to prepare for.

AC was well run and very efficient. One of the better ones I have attended.

Good Luck!


Can you give more details about the AC please! PM if it’s more comfortable for you


Hi ibCF,

Could you please share some details about the AC if you have already attended? I’ve got one for HK next week.

Many thanks!!


Hey guys,

Can you share your experience of the AC please? I have one next week that im preparing for, I would be really greatful. PM me if you want, Thanks in advance!


hai! i applied for summer internship for Group Technology analyst role in Singapore and did my phone interview today. I can say that i have done it reasonably ok! when can I expect a call for AC?