UBS 2014 IBD Analyst Programme



Hi here,

Has anyone received an interview invitation for the 2014 IBD Analyst Programme yet? I completed the test a few weeks ago and have not heard back since.



Hey yeah got an AC


congrats pgw and gd luck with your AC!

i just got rejected :frowning: what is your background like? hv u done an internship in ibd before?


Hey no I haven’t, graduated from LSE this year.


Haven’t applied to UBS, but just out of curiosity: Are they still sending out numericals and logical tests? I haven’t applied to them because I suck so much at logical tests haha


This is a question to all of you. I am from Bangladesh and UBS has no operation in my country. But during the application process, there was a question regarding the work permit. So based on that, I assumed that anyone from anywhere in the world can apply. So even if I ace the Numerical and Logical Reasoning test, is there a chance of me getting short listed for an interview? Or they will simply reject my application since I applied from a country that does not have any representation of UBS.


Hmm yea lol.


Hi pgw,

I’ve an AC coming up this week. Can you give any more insight on the presentation and case study exercises?