Two offers, which one to take? (urgent)


Hi everybody,

hope this is the right channel for my question. Any ideas/help/thoughts appreciated!

I am German but have decided to study in Australia (BA of Commerce majoring in Finance/Economics). My girlfriend is Australian and my plan is to return to Aussie in about 2 years. Having said that, I got the following two offers:

  1. Big4 company in Germany, auditing position (banking/brokers/insurance companies), Assistant role, unlimited contract
  2. French investment bank in London, research position (bond market), Internship, 12 months contract

I am generally open to both positions, and you might think it heavily depends on where I see myself in a couple of years. Thing is, I am sort of clueless what might suit me better. Maybe some of you have a different angle to judge my situation, I am kind of biased. Maybe in respect to my plans of returning to Australia one day…Thanks for your help guys.