Two grad scheme offers


First post here but read lots of good advice.
I have two offers on the table, a top 15 firm and top 10. I am more attracted to the smaller firm as it offers a more general training as opposed to pure audit, but the salary is around 15% less. And it would involve more travelling. What do you experts think?

Many thanks


Hard to help without you telling us the name of the firm, your background and aspiration


Thamks for the response! Rsm vs saffery Champness. I have a non business background and at age 30 moving into accounting as a way to add value to particularly small and medium sized businesses.


Hi, I am not from a business background as well. If I’d have to pick, I would go for RSM just because it is better known compared to the other. However, do both of the firms sponsor your ACA or any professional qualification? How about the support give, do you get day off before examination?