Turning point in career. Need guidanxe



Hi, I worked for 3 years in a Bridging finance company as a Bookkeeper & finance assistant. I have enjoyed this role. I am on a break from 5months. In the meantime I have seen jobs in London of finance assistant paying £35k range. I migrated from india 4 years ago. What should be my career path now? Should I go for professional qualifications? If yes which one Aca or Acca? As I feel Aat is not going to add value to my cv/knowledge! Please guide how do I step in this market and earn better. My last package was 16.5grand as it was my 1st job in UK and being a start up organisation. Many thanks for your inputs. Gdk2015


HI there, it can be complicated and stressful deciding on what you want to do next, but try not to get flustered.

There’s only one person who knows what they want to do next and that’s you! Get yourself a blank piece of paper and write down the things you enjoy doing. Why do you enjoy them? What sort of jobs would allow you to do this sort of thing? What sort of companies would you like to work for and why?

Personally I don’t think there is much to choose between ACA and ACCA but you might also consider ACMA if you feel that a career in industry or commerce is of interest as opposed to audit etc. Accounting qualifications certainly open doors, increase earnings potential and are useful even if you ultimately end up in HR! They sometimes don’t come cheap though so maybe try and find an employer that will assist in paying for them along the way as long as you work hard.

Hope that helps a little?