Tullett Prebon EMEA Trainee Broker Scheme


So is anyone applying for the EMEA Trainee Broker Scheme at Tullett?


yep, i wonder when they will start reviewing applications!!!


Yeah same here. I presume you have checked out the ICAP and Tradition Grad training programmes too?


Iv’e applied as well…don’t think we are going to here back till they start screening the apps in January by the way it looked on their website!


Packham…have you sent your CV off to Tradition? Ive been keeping an eye on their website and for the UK grad scheme it still says ‘TBD’. I sent them my CV over the summer but didnt even get a confirmation of receipt email. You herd from them?


Sorry for late reply. Yeah i sent it to them but havent heard anything either. Just finished off and sent my ICAP applicaton for fulltime voice broking now so lets wait and see, there usually pretty quick to reply - last year i applied to the internship scheme and they were good when it came to communication!


ive been invited to online numerical test for tulletts but not heard back yet after completing it, anyone else?


How long ago did you get it?




For those who have been invited for the tests, how long after you submitted your application did you get invited for them? one week or more after?


I would say about two weeks or so. I did them about a week ago and have heard nothing since


Heard back about 3 days after doing the Tullett ONT.

However, failed:( Never doing a test that hungover again:(


@ jimmahi thanks for your response

@gdnimrod unlucky mate, did they take around two weeks to get back to you after submitting your app as well (for the online tests)?


i was invited to the online tests 2 and a half weeks after my application, still havent heard back yet but the test was harder than most - really hoping ill get through though!

good luck


Thanks newcastle_brown, well someone got rejected three days after the test, so if you have not heard yet it can only be good news! Good Luck


Been invited to an HR interview. Did the numerical test last Friday, got the invite today. Anyone else had positive responce after numerical test yet?


also got the invite to interview after doing the test on thursday i think, what date have you gone for drizzy?

there were a lot of slots to pick from though so i imagine they are giving out a lot of interviews!

good luck


I’ve gone for the first available day, Friday 10th…what about you? Yeah I was a bit worried about how many slots were available! My thinking was to get in early, impress them and hopefully get to the next stage before they complete all the others. Dunno if it will turn out that way though!

Good luck as well mate!


Do Tullett offer internships at all? It’s a shame if they don’t :frowning:


From what I can see on their website its only a Grad scheme that they are running. I’ve herd of people getting work experience at Tullett, GFI, BGC, Tradition etc in the past…but only from knowing someone who works there. Its unfortunate they don’t offer anything formal.