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I have passed the AC for Trowers & Hamlins and I just have the partner interview. to come. Does anyone have any experience of this interview?

I would be so greateful if anyone has any ideas?

Many thanks


Guess no one has any experience of their partner interview at the moment?!


I only know whats in the [[Trowers & Hamlins]] interview profile. Afraid you might have to be the guidea pig on this one. Please let us know what happens on your interview. Good luck!


Okay, I will let you know how it goes!Thanks for getting back to me


No problem. How did you find the AC - was it the same as the [[Trowers & Hamlins Interview Questions]] profile?


what were the partners like in the interview?


I had this interview a year and a half ago. Didn’t get the job. The partners were both young, looked like they had just been made up in the last couple of years. They asked questions like ‘which 3 people dead or alive would you invite to a dinner party’. After the case study was out of the way they were generally chatty.


What 3 people would you invite?


As a Labour campaigner and seeing as he is an ex lawyer I said Blair, think the other two were Bill Shankly and Max Weber, as I had just been studying him in my philosophy class. Had to give a detailed explanation for each which descended into a far-reaching discussion about life, love and politics!



Has anyone got an idea of what the assessment centres are like i.e what activities thye make you do?

Any help would be much appreciated!



I just had a TH assessment day yesterday. Basically there are 4 exercises

  1. first is a verbal/numerical test which is extremely easy… it asks you stuff like “what word is the same as enigma” and then gives you options to select. The numerical is not really numerical, its number sequences and basic maths.

  2. negotiation- here you will have to play the role of someone in a meeting advising the Lord C on what budget cuts he should make, the issue is whether one or two specified legal advice centres should be closed down. The aim is to help save the the PM £1.5 million.

  3. Written exercise- This exercise is simply editing for grammar and making sure the document is consistent. The document itself is about the sale of a property.

  4. presentation which you will have to prepare when you get there, basically its done in dragons den style, where you have to pitch an idea to the “dragons” ( who will be played by HR) and then are asked brief questions after.

My advice is that you really shine during the negotiation, make suggestions that will really impact upon the cost cutting aim. During the presentation stay confident and do not get thrown by questions they ask you at the end. Finally, during the written, make sure you pay attention to details and the documents annexed to the searches and contract.

Hope this helps.



Hi Solicitor2be

Thats great help thank you!

One last question for the negotiations do they give you options for cost saving or does it have to be legal centres?


Hi Solicitor2be

Thats great help thank you!

One last question for the negotiations do they give you options for cost saving or does it have to be legal centres?


Hi fat123,

they just basically give you the role of a person who is either FOR or AGAINST the closure of one of both of the LAC’s, no other cost cutting options are considered.