Transport for London (TFL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) Role Play 2017

Transport for London

Hi guys,
please anyone passed recently the TFL assessment for CSA position?
i will attend this week the exams and would be thankful if someone can help me with some tips about the role play.
thank you in advance


How did yours go? was the numerical test difficult?


Mine is in 2 days, could you help me please? I’m so anxious and worried about this, could you please help me? X


I would like to apply for customer services assistant/supervisor job with TFL but I can’t seem to find the vacancies advertised anywhere. I trawledthe TfL website and still can’t find it can anybody help?


Does anybody know the difference between csa1 and csa2 ?


Yes I passed the CSA assessment and I didn’t have time to finish the test but still passed. Role play on the 16th of Oct 2017


It’s not hard. It’s just that there isn’t much time so it puts you under pressure to make mistakes if your not careful.