Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant(CSA) and graduate schemes) 2013

Transport for London


Short and sweet… Just tell them sorry mate but I ran over your dog lol


I mean, how did you answer that question?

Don’t worry too much Henry4 -I met a woman who applied in 2009 and didn’t start till this January!

TfL are known to take their time lol


loool da2013 that sounds a bit too blunt !


A729 when’s your phone interview


Hi, I had mine yesterday

I was asked about performance and delivery, dealing with ab angry customer and excellent customer service


How you think you done?


I think it was all right you know!
The assessor I was spoke to was all right but was a bit coy about starting dates and stuff
it took 27 mins for anyone wondering?!


da2013 did they send you any letters or anything?!

The assessor said something about preparation materials or something ?!


Once they arrange a date for your assessment centre they will send you a test pack with loads of info on how the day will pan out


Oh ok , I see!
Was it really useful? Was it a full day like 9-5 or something?!


Really 27mins, mine was about 14mins and I passed haha… And its not 9-5 I got asked to pick from different times mines at 11.45 lol… I guess they arrange different times for the roleplay then if you get thru you meet up with the other people. Not sure tho


Oh good- I wouldn’t want to be in formal wear for that long lol!
It’ll be good to see some of the other people who applied!
Good luck da2013
Also they does anyone know where the vacancies are likely to be- I mean I wouldn’t especially want to be all way in Epping or Amersham!


My assessment was supposed to be at 835am I arrived at 8am had my role play at 810 then found at 845am I’d passed then I had the tests between 9and 10 am then found out 10 mins later I’d passed that then I had my final interview and I was all finished by 1045 am so it’s really quick if your lucky


I see- so it’s true that the early bird catches the worm! Or more apt the first train gets the green signal!

Btw do you have to pay your travel expenses and/or food/lunch?


Btw did you see this part of ashfield house?


You have to pay all your own fares and there is a canteen on the 8th floor. My experience was I was only there a couple of hours so I only grabbed a coffee


Thanks henry


All the best Henry. I hope you don’t mind me asking but would you be able to enlighten us on the role play assessment you had today. Cheers.


Oh, what the success rate of your role play group like and how hard (or easy?) was the data interpretation test?


I had my assessment on the 4th of march, my role play was a lady travelling from wood ford to acton with a part suspension on the central line. It’s not that hard trust me. And the data interpretation really is easy I finished after about 5 mins so I was able to go over my answer 2 more times. You’ll be fine I promise