Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant(CSA) and graduate schemes) 2013

Transport for London


i dont even no how i failed that i think i panicked ?!
can u maybe tell me an example of a question u got ?


The final interview was hard to be honest the scenarios are quite difficult but the assessors are really helpful and get you back on track if you start going away from the point. Just be positive and keep your fingers crossed !!! I’ve now waited 4 days and I’m bricking it as I really want this job !!!


you sound like u really new what you was doing though?! im scaredfor the whole fing 2bh even the role play!


The interview at the end asks the same questions as the telephone interview so no real surprises


So it’s
1)telephone interview
2)role play and exam
3)face to face interview
4) medicals and CRB/security check?


Sounds right, the worst bit is having to wait 10 days to see if you have been successful !!! I just hope there are some vacancies at the end of this process


I think we all should meet up in real life after this all done and compare experiences!


Yea we can be best friends and have a tea party :slight_smile: I’ll supply the tea of corse hahahahahhaha


Looooool I can bake a cake lol!
Underground party!


Hahahah you are all soo funny :slight_smile:


Btw how did the telephone interview go stargazer?


My telephone interview coming up on on Monday. Did anyone get asked about equality and diversity?


I think we got the same scene with the same assessor, but I failed because I was too nervous and I wanted to talk to show them I know what to do :frowning: After I realised that I interrupted the lady and I offered organising assistence but it was too late… maybe next time! anyway I will request a feedback by email


beap87 do you mean the role play?


There was nothing on my telephone interview about race and equality. If that helps


What were the questions they asked you Henry4?


beap87 did u fail the assesmen center?


yes, i failed on the roleplay, at the assessment centre. and i think i had the same scene as Henry4


I’m sorry to hear that beap87
They’ll probably keep your name for the next batch of intakes


I’m sorry to here that?!

How long after her telephone interview did they contact you ?