Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant(CSA) and graduate schemes) 2013

Transport for London


my questions were: dealing with angry customer, excellent.customer service, an important task.


Nope they wont tell u ? u literally have to wait now n they shuld email u ? wen did u do ure telephone interview


I applied on the first day and I still have’nt heard from them. What is the number I should call?

And a729 congrats on getting a telephone interview, good luck with it!!


Thanks MG91 - the number is 0800 011 2504


thank you!


Passed :slight_smile: get in there!!!


what did you pass the application process or telephone da2013?


The telephone interview, bring on the assessment! I rang them for the 2nd time today and he looked on the application and spreadsheet and said I passed and that one of his colleagues will be in touch in the next couple of days to book stage 3 :slight_smile:


Well done da2013!
your welcome MG91!
I’m glad to see how popular this thread is!


Just got a confirmation for my interview next week. Just wondering how many are they recruiting this year. Any idea?


I heard around 100 posts when I phoned


My telephone interview is today at 4. Very nervous. Thank you for posting the questions. Will think of some good answers.


Good luck-let us know how it goes !


Good luck, its good to be nervous… Just make sure you have a few examples to say… And if the interviewer asks you do you wanna add anything, always add more that’s his way of telling you that you need to say more


Morning lads and ladettes has anyone had a job offer yet ??? I had my telephone interview on the 22nd and found out 3 days later I had passed and I had my assessment centre on Monday just gone. I was told 10 working days I just wondered if anyone has had an offer yet ???


Henry I have my assessment next Friday, any tips on the roleplay and interview you could help us with?


You need to go the extra mile … I had the part line closure role play, the lady was a serious moaner so I put her at ease as quick as possible by saying how can I help you, and let me suggest another route. Don’t interrupt just listen then help it really isn’t to difficult plus all the assessors are really nice.


Henry 4 how did you find the data interpretation test ?
I failed that last year when I applied


I’ve got to be honest the exam part was the easiest part of the day it really is a simple 3 tests. You don’t need to rush and you should be still finished in time to go over twice.


Is the hardest part the final interview? And are you in there for ages?