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Hi there, I had my telephone interview last week and I passed! I am very happy!!! But I would like some help for the next ones… Please get back to me as ASAP as I need to prepare for it. I really appreciate your help!




hello what was the question for phone interview?? Thank you


hi what question did they ask??? Thank you


Questions based upon the following:
Results - give a scenario or situation where you have exceeded expectations
Communicating information - When have you communicated information resulting into something successful
Customer service - describe a situation where you have delivered exceptional customer service.


How long after the telephone interview was u contacted


How long after the telephone interview was u contacted


How long after the telephone interview was u contacted


You should be contacted with 10 days.


Even if I fail or do they not bother if u don’t get trough


Hi guys,

Read most of the comments left on the forum and some people are just ridiculous and I believe they jealous and selfish of helping people. People coming into the forum ain’t asking for answers they ask for advice and maybe structure of how an interview process will be. Your not going to pay their salary if they get the job so relax…

Anyways i made an application online and got successful and was invited to have the phone interview, on the phone interview they ask you 3 competency questions which are result focus, communication and influence, and customer service orientation. Each of these competencies there’s alot of different types of questions you can get. For example give an example where you took an extra mile to help a customer, give a time where you have influenced and changed the way individuals or groups of people working around you. Just think about your work life and I am sure you can come up with many examples. Keep in mind to use the STAR technique when answering questions which is SITUATION, TASK, ACTION and RESULT. the lady who was Interviewing me over the phone was very nice and not rushing, I knew I did well because after every answer I gave she was saying very good. The next day I received and email stating that I have been successful, and inviting me to book an assessment day appointment.

I will be booking that today which gives me an option to book either the 8th or 12th may. Email States that that will be 3 stages too, if your not successful after the 1st or the 2nd stage they will tell you and you don’t have to stay till the end.

I will do a bit of research and see what I can find about it, and hopefully if I’m successful I will try giving advice to anyone who needs it. I am confident with competency based interview and role plays which I did many times before and was successful (met police recruitment) not sure about the first part which sounds a bit difficult.

I hope I gave good advice to anyone needed. Thanks for the forum guys


There is another discussion going on, that is more recent, started in Oct 2014. I’m sure everyone there will appreciate your advice. A very big good luck!


I pass all of the stages and I’ve been told to wait 10-15 days however it’s now the 17th day and I’ve received no email and my phone signal where I live isn’t great. Does anyone have a number I could call to talk to them?


Please my husband has been through the process about 3 times but he always fails at the role play stage. Any advice on how to get through that stage as he has another appointment in a couple of weeks. Thank you


Tell him to use words such as
Can I help you sir, Madam?
Where are you travelling to?
Talk about the weather
Just go with the flow but always be kind.
E.g. if the scenario has a person put their feet on the seat tell them to take their feet off. If they say tell other people off e.g. people throwing rubbish on the floor. Say what she finds offensive others will find her feet on the seat offensive. You just have to find a quick answer just gotta make stuff as you go alone and always smile. That’s all really.

I hope he passes.