Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant(CSA) and graduate schemes) 2013

Transport for London


@ beap87 - Sorry to hear that. When you failed the assessment do you mean that you passed all the stages and did your interview?


@ Henry4 - Why? Do you think they’re trying to tick certain diversity and equality recruitment boxes?


@ Henry4 - Sorry if I’ve misunderstood. You didn’t get the job or you didn’t get the email you’ve been expecting?


I’m sorry to hear that Henry-You sounded like you had a lot of experience and were a good candidate

Did they give any feedback? Or any way to appeal or get first preference for the next recruitment drive, at the very least?


Didn’t get an offer, unfortunately on further assessment I’m not what they are looking for which amazes me as TFL recruit some real idiots so I’m really pissed off !!! I couldn’t be arsed asking for feedback.


I’m sorry you didn’t get an offer Henry4 but I don’t think its fair to label other people that get through ‘real idiots’

TFL have a strict criteria and unfortunately you didn’t hit the mark! Just request the feedback interview and polish up for next time mate


Did you get through wapetty?


I never applied for the role, as I said in a previous post I’m a surface RPI but the assessment process is almost identical.


Ohhh yeah, sorry

How is it been a RPI what’s the toughest situation or person you’ve had to deal with?


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Is that free CrackTests?

The fares in London are dear enough lol!


Henry - I’m sure you could appeal if you feel they were wrong and acted against you?


Hi guys - I had an assessment centre yesterday so if anyone has any questions let me know!


@ jemlou - I take it you had your interview? How did it go? And how many people from your group survived to the interview stage?


Interview was fine it was motivational fit question then about 4/5 competency based qus so quite long! They ended with a technical question relevant to the scheme. They didn’t kick anyone out - we all state the whole day which I didn’t expect to happen but at least we got to try all tasks!


Jemlou -what type of technical or competency question area did they ask?

What was thw role play like?


De2181-how’s your experience been?

Also MG91? Da2013? LouLou? What happened to all you guys ?!


@ jemlou - what job did you apply for as that doesn’t sound like the assessment people had for the Customer Service Assistant.


It was a generally good experience but the waiting really got to me. Everybody said they got a grilling when it came to the role play and nobody was confident that they’d done enough to get through. The data interpretation test was pretty straightforward but somehow, out of a group of 7 candidates, only me and one other person got through to have our interviews. I previously thought getting to the interview stage would mean you would stand a good chance but it looks like that isn’t the case, especially after Henry’s disappointing news.


Oh wow that’s only about a 28% pass rate !

Hmm well it looks like no one can take anything for granted!
I guess as there are still people who haven’t had their telephone interview-I guess TfL have their pick!