Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant(CSA) and graduate schemes) 2013

Transport for London


Hey -I’ve been scouring the internet looking for forums about 2013 TfL recruitment and haven’t found anything so I’m making my own!

They only had the CSA ad for 3 days it was up at 12pm on Monday 11th Feb and was gone off the website by Wednesday 13th. Anyone heard anything yet? I called the recruitment 0800 number and it said the line dosen’t accept calls? Maybe I called on a bad day?


Hi, I have searching for a thread too! I applied for it and I am still to hear from them as well, on their site it did say it could take up to a month to respond to applicants.


Hi, I’m glad you found my one, my friend!
I know and looking at the 2012 people it looks like some had to wait a lot longer!


Lets pray that at the end of the wait theres good news for us!!



and looking at the the last lot-looked like they had to go through a lot lol!


lol yh they probably receive hundreads of applications!! And this one closed within 48 hours as well


I’m sure that means our colleagues will be of a high calibre!


last year was worse 30,000 for 300 jobs so thinks must be better!



i have my telephone interview this week any tips anyone??


From reading the other posts from last year- I gather it should be based on team work and customer service- it would be wise to think of/prepare some examples. Good luck -hope to be working alongside you!


How did they contact you to arrange the interview, by phone or email?


By phone mate,last week


Im so nervous


When is your telephone interview- do they tell you have 1 week to prepare for it or something?


Its on Thursday they send you an email with confirmation and tips, I’ve had over a week to prepare


Oh ok, did they tell you call 0800 011 2504?

I phoned tfl and the said that number should be called(and it’s on the job ad) but it says it doesn’t accept incoming calls when i phoned?


It’a shame assessment_stress isn’t here to offer tips and advice lol!


Unfortunately we havent heard back yet!!

If you could tell us after your interview how it went and what they asked we would appreciate it.


No they phoned me, I was on the list from applying last year. Yes I will give feedback :slight_smile:


Ohhhh-that makes sense- I phoned them on Friday and they said they could take up to a whole month!

I spoke to a lady who’s only started in January when she first applied in 2009!