Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


i called to ask if any CSA1 FT was available, but i have been told that dont have any csa1 ft anymore and the its only pt nt… im keen on taking up the csa2 FT…


Hey, same thing here dude, I have been waiting for the part time CSA1 since May/June… They’re told me they have nothing available for a while for that position and have offered me CSA2 (I’ve even noticed it being advertised on the TfL website)… I think I’m going to go for it, training starts in April and I think there’s a chance of becoming CSA1 in the future. It’s better than waiting another 6 months+, by then we would have passed probation and been enrolled into getting a CSA1 license.

Anyone else looking to start training in April?


They’re recruiting for CSA2 full time, go check it out!


Me too, the wait in excruciating… I replied back to the email accepting the offer of interest for CSA2 FT… will they call me or should I wait for another email?


I’d just give them a call, hopefully we’ll be training together


I gave them a call to get info but that was about it… they didn’t give me no other I formation… hopefully I train with you…


Ive accepted this offer to having to do my medical stuff again but that shouldnt be a problem fingers crossed the training dates come in on this one i misssd out on the one in January


Best of luck with the medical, let me know how it goes. Hopefully we’ll be training together :grinning:


Thanks i hope so to! Hopefully we hear soon


I was asked to send them the medical questionnaire again via email but since I haven’t heard so I called up a few days ago just to ask and they said that they just waiting for occupational therapy to get back to them so they can give me a date for medical. I also ask them if they could roughly tell me when the training would start to which they said they didn’t have dates for training for CSA2 to give me and roughly said may- june :roll_eyes: