Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


That’s really good news thanks for the update.


do you have any idea when night tube comes out?


What position train operator night tube? Or Csa?


I applied for CSA night tube and got my conditional offer in July this year… I know I’ll be waiting long.


train op


Not for another 2 years at least. As people from January this year are still waiting and haven’t even been given start date yet.
In 2020 they are planning to extend night tube to other lines so may be back end of 2019 at earliest.
Waiting time for current candidates is already 18 months


The waiting is despicable tbh…


!! holy moly!! that is a long wait… thanks for the info Atif…


Hi, this may not be your area but would you happen to know when trains managers will be recruited for again. I have a friend whose application was put on hold because he did well but a few other people did better so he has been told when next they recruit he would be automatically progressed to the next stage. It would be nice to know when the possibility of this is. Thanks


No but I think it’ll be autumn 2019 now


I’m looking for the CSA role.


I’ve just received an email from TFL that supposedly some training dates for csa2 part-time p.m. might come up and if I’d like to show any interest in that.

Has anyone received anything similar?


I’m hoping to hear news about full time role for CSA.


I got this email also but I’ve stayed in the night tube talent pool


Me too… fingers crossed we hear of that soon


Hey I haven’t seriously hoping I do tho


Wouldn’t you want to go for the csa2?


Both are part time so if i can do both then itll be full time but at the moment full time isnt the option


You can’t do both you can only have one position at a time. However you can always pick overtime and you being a part timer will always get the preference for overtime. Best to be Csa night tube because when you do your overtime you get higher rate as your rate is high as a night tuner.


I called up recruitment line and asked if this job offer was temporary, she said once I’d accepted csa 2 I’d be removed from CSA1. CSA 1 has more responsibility and senior role. CSA 1 is slightly dearer in pay I believe by £90 yr. Monday to Friday isn’t feasible.