Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


When I spoke them at the beginning of July they didn’t know when there would be any dates, so I guess they could pop up suddenly. It’s typical they choose the same week I’m on holiday, so its back to waiting for me


I received an email about full time csa2 training dates on 10th September. I won’t be going, not interested in working for a company that messes you around for this long. If they had been honest from the beginning and said how long it would have taken (over a year) then maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad.


Really ? Was that wise ?


When did you originally applied for the job??


When did you originally applied for the job?, I applied last year July for csa2 full time and still waiting for training by dates


July last year


Thanks for prompt reply
I applied the same time last year, still no dates regarding training,


Lol, I will be on holidays for the whole September, so it’s actu annoying after waiting for that long


I am still waiting for training dates too, I also applied in July last year, no email yet.


Hey guys any one got an update for CSA1?


I start training for csa2 on Monday


Yay… enjoy your training


Are you with tfl? If so how was training? Where are you stationed?


Congrats mate! Let us know how you get on


Anyone got any updates i called a week back and spoke to a lovely lady who said the general “waiting for training dates we’ll be in touch” etc but hoping someone else might have got a rough eta


Hi, congratulations for your start, whats the pay like for csa2 full time,
Don they pay any allowances?
I feel you don’t mind me asking these questions


Finally got training for the 26th November for part-time subject to if my medical is done and cleared by certain date. Anyone else heard anything?


Hey congratulations… may I ask how long you had to wait from getting your conditional offer… thanks


Thank you
I received a conditional offer in August 2017. So it been over a year.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: oh well I’m probably looking at the last end of next year as I got my offer in July this year…
Have a blast on your training.