Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


The waiting is giving me grey hair hahhaha


When you re-pass your medical, do you need to re do everything (appointment,…) or is it just the sheet they send you that you have to do?


Everything again


I called to find out training dates for CSA2, nothing till end of September


Did they specify if it will be for part time, full time or night tube?


Anyone else contacted about compliance officer roll instead??


That sounds interesting. What does the compliance officer’s role involve?


Yaay I recieved a conditional OFFER yesterday. So happy. Now the waiting GAME begins ?


lmao you’ll start in 2019


Goodness me hahahha


Not sure yet you have to pass additional security clearance so I’m waiting for that


Ah, I think it’s to do with taxis and private hire vehicles, but not sure.


Yeh I’ve heard a few different things like that. Just can’t deal with the wait any longer for csa


Has anyone heard any updates? I’m going for my second medical soon :confused:


Nope, I havent had my second medical yet, had my first end of november. When did you have your first medical. Dont know how long it is going to be now for the training dates


Had the first in December then the second in August they have just done a second dbs check as well


oh okay I haven’t had an email yet or anything regarding any of them


Hi, so i emailed them just to keep ontop of things and they basically said that they waiting for more courses to be released although they cannot guarantee when this will be.

So i’m assuming it wont be this year but maybe next year. Who knows, its very misleading. They should have stated during yhe application process that it will take 1-2 years


Just got an email about csa fulltime training starting 10 September


Aaah see thats fulltime, i applied for part time