Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


What type of verbal abuse do they tend to throw?


If someone were to work night tube would they be able to do overtime in the day during the week or is that unheard of?


Yes, you can do overtime in the day if there is any on your group. They are trying to cut back on overtime as it is so expensive so don’t bank on it.


Just been told I have to redo my criminal record check an medical coz it’s been so long, so yeah


any news?


are you doing the night tube? I did my medical around November time aswell


No full time days, at least I’m still on the books, playing the waiting game


Same waiting here to for partime, hmmm wonder if they will ask me to re-do my medical.


If it’s been 6 months they will, dbs check too


Yeah they probably will ask I had my medical end of November, so been just over 6 months


At least it’s not just me


I passed assessments in Sept 17 still waiting training dates for CSA2 part time or full time. I’ve done medical and crb twice now due to them expiring. I’ve been told I’m mid talent pool currently and approx start date would be November 18. Never imagined it being so long


Hello everyone,

I really want to know how do you get a job with LU, as on the TFL website there is never any CSA roles going?



I passed mine at the same time. For the start in November 18 is it for the full time or part time position?


Didn’t specify just that it was for mid talent pool candidates


Does that mean you’ll be due a third medical in September?


No next medical would be due December


That’s when I had my first one, guess I’m in the same “mid talent pool”


Who knew it would take so long! Also heard new recruitment campaign for csa start in August " apply now start 2025" just crazy


Nope… did recieve an email saying That they are still doing assessments and with let me know the outcome by the end of june