Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


Nope absolutely nothing since my medical in december! I emailed them 4 weeks ago for an update and got no response


I called them yesterday, just asking about confirmation for things. I first asked about dates, and they said it has not been released, typical “sorry…” sort of line. Then I asked about the medical, and they said yes they do run out after 6 months, so if it expires before being hired, they would send the request to the GP. The GP then makes the decision to see if they think that you really need it again, otherwise they just do a drug test. I also asked about something since due to the wait, I would have to give a longer notice period at my current job, this would come into effect around July. They said, don’t worry, you won’t be hired before July. Not sure how this is supposed to work. I guess this means that more than a year will have past since I applied before I am hired. How is a company able to do this? Starting to doubt whether the pension will be worth it, or even if they will just change it mid-career with them.


I had my medical in January, and Applied in July 2017. Just for reference.


I also called yesterday and the lady who answered said she has no information on csa 2 dates. She told me csa 1’s training started last month but another will start next month. Which is weird because I spoke to a lady months ago and she said csa 2 should have training dates by the end of May. TFL recruitment might be the worst


Yeah dont know how long the wait is… nearly a year now. Hopefully not to long. Shouldn’t really recruit if there is no spaces to fill.


Wow, that’s nice that they actually said by the end of May. When I called they gave no indication of when the dates would be released. So many differing comments.


I thought it was standard courtesy but obviously not since the lady i talked to just yesterday was unhelpful


Wow … its been over a year since i applied, this waiting game is terrible.


The Elizabeth line opens in December 2018 I think it’s gonna be a wait til then


I had my interview 2 weeks ago hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll know whether I’ll be proceeding furthur…


The Elizabeth line has nothing to do with London Underground so that won’t make any difference.


So they have completely different staff?


Yes, completely different staff. Same as Overground and DLR are completely separate.


Do you work for tfl? If so do you know of any talk from management about hiring people?


I work on the Underground. It’s the same inside the organisation. People are getting promotions or getting through interviews for new jobs, and are then waiting years to actually take up those jobs.


Wow, years again even when already hired. Would you recommend anyone once they have been given a start time to actually take up the offer? Been 10 months since I applied, been waiting after getting the conditional offer since January for training dates. The only thing that has been the appeal is the pension. Would be nice to have an insider opinion.


It depends what you want. If you are looking for a job with decent pay and conditions then fine, but if you were thinking that you’d get in and get promotion then it might not be what you want. Promotion on stations is very slow. For those also wanting a move to train op, that is very slow unless you go to night tube but who knows things may settle down and change eventually.


I am just after the original job that I applied for, hopefully it comes off eventually


Just a question, as someone working with TFL, how often have you been assaulted, harrassed, or verbally abused? I am kind of worried about some customers in some areas. Though I realise that the CSA2 position is not about revenue retention and they have no actual power/duty to stop fare evaders, so if it would come to someone being confrontational I would assume you would be trained to let them in and put your own safety above any profit loss. Or maybe there are different rules?


Verbally abused lots. Physically assaulted not so far. You don’t stop anyone from going through without paying, you report them. But you don’t let them in either. You let people out because you can’t keep them in and you then charge them.