Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


Thank you for replying ! And hopefully it is correct as no one seems to saying anything


Theres room for error on the written assesment they dont expect you to complete all. pass role play then interview is my worry for you, when you answer the questions if incomplete they prompt you to elaborate you neef to add more details. My interviewer today very nice lady made me feel very comfortable, she could see theres potential in my and i was very nervous so she tried her best to get the relant info out of me. Bless her. I can honestly say for the first time in my life even if i am not succesful i was treated so well, TFL as a organistion went out of there way to accomodate me in any and every way. Much love and respect i would be proud and honoured to be part of this organistion.


The role pays very well with excellant perks so in return they pick the very best and capable candidates. I know for a fact i would be perfect for the role with my experiance and personality its just a shame i struggle so much under test conditions although in day to day working enviroment I am honestly over qualified for the role but i want this job so bad its unbeliveable. I applied for the weekend role because it would pay me the same amount i am earning working a 40 hour week atm. If i get the job i will be able to spend the rest of the week pursuing my photography porject and developing my skills to eventually earn a living of from. Plus with the free travel around london i can increase my portfolio which is capturing iconic london attractions, sights, hertitage. Im praying i didnt mess it up today. Good luck to you tho…fingers crossed.


Thank you


Thanks I’ve been on Monday. they didn’t tell us the outcome of the test they said they will email us and let us know… fingers crossed I pass


Hey tufail. Hope everything goes well for you. I applied for the full time position last 2016 but didn’t pass… I’ve recently been for the csa night tube but they havent told us the outcome, it 'll be via email. I’m seriously bricking it… I really want this job


Hi, Please anyone can guide me regarding the assessment test for CSA based in North Greenwich. I have been called for the assessment test on 26th of April, is anyone got test on the same day. In the advertisement they mentioned it as telephone & email support. How many rounds will be there in the whole interview process & can you please give some details about the process? Thanks in advance…


Ah, that sounds like the Oyster Contact Centre job. This forum is more for station CSAs so you may not get a response as the interview will be different. Good luck!


Thanks for the info mate. Any idea where can I get the full details about the entire process. Thanks in advance


I applied last August 2017, was successful and finally went for a medical last month but have been told there’s no training dates for the foreseeable future for a csa full time role. So don’t expect a fast turn around


I’m the same as you but I had a medical in december an still waiting


Apparently medicals are only good for 6 months so they are probably going to send you for another one


Bit of a joke really


I’ve just come back from having my role play & interview… will know the outcome in 2 weeks… fingers crossed I pass it… then they’ll send me for medical…

I can understand, it’s a daunting experience.


Had my role play and interview since april 20th no outcome as yet tho. Being patient and hoping for the best ! goodluck to you too


What was the job role?


Good luck…


CSA 1 night tube


Hi Brookeidge can I ask what was your role play about and what kind of question they asked thank you


Hey has anyone heard about any future training dates for partime or fulltime.