Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


Is this for CSA1 or CSA2? How long have you been waiting to start your training?


I think it’s csa2 and I did the medical on December 11th, I got an email December 29th saying they have lent got training dates yet but that’s it


My advice would be to contact onboarding and find out if you can switch to CSA1 for a quicker training date. It probably will be night tube though so it’s whether or not you would want to do that.


What’s the difference between csa1 and csa2?


Csa 1 means you can work on the platform as well as ticket gate and Csa 2 is just ticket gate. I spoke to a family member who is a CS manager and they said that tfl are currently moving staff around/getting rid of staff and stuff like that. He said once they have completed their “spring cleaning” they will know where they need staff etc so she thinks we will hear soon but she did say sometimes the process takes 2 years


CSA1 is safety critical so you do platform duties etc, whereas CSA2 you would be mainly on the gateline. Not a lot of difference but on a full time basis CSA1 pays more. You only have CSA1 on night tube.


So she believes that the jobs will still be there then. 2 years wow


Yeh she said that the jobs should still be there but it seems like they are prioristising CSA 1 and night tubes as they are in desperate need of them, who knows we may get a training date in summer know one really knows and yeh she knows a few staff who had to wait up to 2 years to get even get a job. But she is going to keep her ears open and see if she finds anything else out


Anybody heard anything?


Nope I feel like we will have to wait a few more months, as they currently going to start the night tube training. So god knows when the other positions will get there dates.


Nope nothing they are applying for tube drivers now to but added a bit saying they have no positions so it may take a year before you actually receive a position shame we was never told this


Hello does anyone know when there will be csa vacancies?



CSA for Night Tube is recruiting now. Look at the TfL jobs site.


That’s a train operator job which means completely starting the application process again


That’s odd because when I look it says…

Customer Service Assistant 1 - Night Tube 026648.


Just checked, train operator night tube PT


Both jobs are advertised, CSA and TO. As this forum is about CSAs it was sensible to point out that CSA jobs are now being recruited. If you can’t see it then search on the taleo site for the job number 026648.


I called tfl and was told May for a realistic time we start training CSA2 Part timers. Crazy because I applied in July 2017.


I emailed and was told I can apply for night tube if I want otherwise the day jobs will come “eventually”


Hi there, I am thinking of apllying for part time night tube job. i work fullt time already but just wondering about the training. is it really 5 weeks continues or you can do it part time