Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


What a joke, wish we was told this at the beginning… so it will most likely be a year from when i first applied to when i start! I just dont understand the recruitment process!


I applied last year janauary so its pretty much been a year now, such nonsense


The process needs to be changed it’s not fair on any of us I had been offered other jobs but refused them because i didnt realise it would be near enough a year to wait


When did you have your medical?


At least that shows that they are still hiring I guess


My medical was in November


Well guys I started applying online in June, on the 19th of February this month I sign my contract and 26th start training that’s the time frame you’ll be looking at. If you’re unavailable when they get back to you and give you training dates then you’ll potentially be waiting even longer. Of course depends on what you’ve applied for mines CSA 1. It can be very frustrating, for many reasons just try not to care so much about it when it happens it happens, I had a job but if your not so fortunate temporary jobs or if you can get better nothing is stopping you from applying for those.


I wonder if I can switch to csa1 just to get my foot in the door


CSA1 is higher than CSA2. Not sure they’d let you take a promotion before you start but you can only ask.


Csa1 is just nighttube instead of days right?


Most of the CSAs on day duties are CSA1. If the training is only for night tubers you could maybe do that and transfer to days after a while. It used to be you had to stay on nights for a year but I don’t know what the rule is now.


Hello. Good luck today with your first day with TFL. Your get a welcome to TFL today, it’s a good easy day really today.
I’m on week 3 of CSA 1 training. So won’t be back in Ashfield house until next week. As we are spending the week at are station this week.
Do reach out if you want any info on your next couple of weeks etc. But your be well looked after by all today. Enjoy it.


Cheers, ive Got uniform collection today, they gave me a list of things to bring, some were highlighted so I presume I bring those today and the rest when I go ashfield house? Do you know your time table for the remaining 2 weeks training?


Hey, are uniform
Didn’t arrive until day three of training, and I recommend bringing a suitcase of some kind as it’s a lot of stuff you end up carrying around with you.
You get given a A4 guide that lays out what you are doing for the whole of the training, i any of it is going to change they will tell you in advanced so you have a good understanding of what you need to do.
You should get your staff Oyster card today as well.
I was petrified on my first day but when you see the face of the people you got uniform with and then once you sit down for your welcome, it will all fall into place.


When’s your first day at ashfield house ? As all are uniform got delivered there ??
Are you doing uniform trying on today in angel ?? As then your just be trying stuff on and signing forms etc. So again today will also be a very easy day. Just make sure you try every thing on, as you need it to me comfy.


I’m at ashfield house next Monday today’s just uniform do I need to bring passport photos today?


You have to pass your probation usually 6 months before you can change your shift pattern e.g. night tube to full time


Do you work for tfl? If so have you heard any rumours about taking new staff on or staff cuts?


Yes I do work for TfL. They will be recruiting for Night Tube Train Operators at the beginning of March.


I passed all the tests and medical and such for the full time days role