Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


Have you done your medical as well?


I applied for csa2 in july got the job in sept, had my medical in dec & still waiting. Emailed them in jan asking about training dates, they replied saying there is none available for csa2 yet.


Well hopefully we all hear by the end of the month …


yes, done mine on the 22 Dec


Hi I’ve been looking to join LU as a CSA for a while. Could I possible as you where you applied from… Thanks in advance for your help



I emailed them today and they said there still isn’t any dates


Is that what they said, how long is the wait going to be. Waited long enough


Makes you wonder if there’s jobs even available


Its a little annoying i emailed them about a week ago asking if they had an idea on what month the dates will be, same reply no one seems to have an idea on when they might be. I plan on going on holiday in march but cant even book anything just in case they say training is in march soo its a little annoyingt


Yeah Im going holiday next week I did tell I have a holiday booked. But waiting over 6 months since applying isn’t very good.


So I emailed them to see what response I got as my current job keeps asking. This was the reply: Unfortunately there have been no training courses for full time staff released yet for this year so cannot give you an estimated timeframe. It may well be 6 months or longer. As soon as there is news for you we will be touch.

Wow 6 months!!


Wtf May as well start looking for another job, all I see in the news is tfl cuts


Oooooh wow hopefully its not the same for part time


I emailed tfl this morning asking about my csa2 course dates to be told it’s going to be several months yet this is unbelievable


What was the exact quote? Maybe they are waiting for the new financial year in April? I know they are cutting engineering jobs atm


Is this for full time ?


Is for part time and the message read just that several months she offered me a weekend evening position as they have 3 course dates for that


I am sorry, the only training courses I am currently filling are for the night tube (Friday and Saturday nights). I am waiting for the part time vacancy courses to be announced. Would you be interested in the night tube? I have courses in March, April and May for that


I am waiting for more information. It will be several months at least