Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London


These are the conclusive dates given to me by TFL plus we will receive around £482 roughly per week taken into account the 80 pc reduction for training.


Pay days are 17 Jan, 14 Feb, 14 Mar.


This makes more sense thank you


So do you know how the pay works? for example my current job works like: what ever i work from Jan 1st-31st gets paid on the 15th Feb… just trying to work out how waiting for the first pay might effect me


er wont bother in future i did make it clear


gods sake they said we might get 2 weeks or 6 weeks they have not made their mind up, I’m out of here fed up


Hi yes partly they hav told me jan, 17, Feb 7, 7 march every 4th week wednesday, TFL pay on Wednesday


no replying anymore tried to explain to 1981hayz as simple as can be but still not getting it, so no more info signing out of forum


But your calculation is wrong! 17 Jan to 7 Feb is only three weeks and as you say, they pay every four weeks.


Hi I appreciate the fact that you took time to answer but the first date was 3 weeks later not 4 and yes you said we would get 2 or 6 weeks pay but I’m assuming that would depend on when you start training hence why I’m trying to find out if there is a cut off date for shifts worked.


A stupid question, will a new starter gets free travel for partner/wife/husband ??


Yes, someone who lives at the same address as you can have a nominee’s oyster card which gives free travel. As soon as you get the nominee form, fill it in and send it off. You will need a passport sized photo to send with it so you can get that sorted now.


Thank you so much for the info
God bless


Just out of curiosity, has anyone heard anything about training courses for CSA 2 ?


Nope, i’m still waiting. Received an email just over a week ago to thank me for being patient and that they were working on getting more dates together so hopefully we will hear something soon


Tfl haven’t posted CSA 2 job ad since last September I think. Have they moved the advert to another site or is it still on Taleo?


I got the email saying I’m on a waiting list and some facts about the Victoria line but nothing else since. I never got a confirmation about the medical pass but I think they only tell you if you fail it, does anybody know how much notice they give you before the training starts?


Yeah same waiting I applied in July, had my medical at end of November still waiting, hopefully not to long. I got the waiting list email at the end of December.


I applied in July and got the last email from them on dec 29


Glad im not the only one that applied in July and is still waiting